Friday, June 25, 2010


When discussing the creation of the universe, smart theists get really metaphorical. In famous debates over the big-bang, the most common question it all boils down to has been: what made the gas or singularity, or what caused the explosion or expansion?

Theists smile triumphantly upon saying it, and feel that because there is something unknown or poorly understood, they have found a wedge in which to insert God (always “the God,” never any of the thousands of other deities humans have come up with).

And yet, many an atheist has wondered: where does God come from? There is never an answer.

Since atheism is claimed by others to be a religion, I have long felt it useful to consider it as such… so long as it was convenient to me at that moment (why should Christians get all the fun?). Since religion is made up of abstract ideas, I shall create my own concept.

Suppose there is such a thing as the divine, and it created the universe. For simplicity, we’ll assume this is the fabled One God of the Abrahamic faiths. While one may choose to aspire to understand and worship this God, I choose instead to worship that which brought that God into existence.

I call this process: theogenesis.

I can’t explain to you precisely how it works. It’s very mysterious, you see, but I think a cow is involved somehow. This process demands no worship, either, it merely calls out to me to be acknowledged. I see you, theogenesis. I know people want to deny you occur, but I know you are there because something exist without being created.

Why worship God when you can worship that which created Him?

“But Ginx, before God there was nothing.”

Sounds good to me. I shall worship Nothing.


  1. I like your line of thinking! Very clever. I got a good laugh from the cow theory.

  2. because you are a little liar... you are going to be TORTURED AND EXECUTED...

  3. you are going to LEARN CONSEQUENCES...

  4. same with the idiot SE...

  5. I'm sure SE will be equally thrilled.

  6. Hey DM, I'm still here you retarded bastard! (Got that one from Steve McQueen in Papillon, though I did add the retarded part, McQueen didn't say that).

    DM, you continue to give atheism a bad name. We all know your little game and that you really don't believe in the gods.

    Why do you hate the gods so much? It's one thing to find the evidence for them lacking, another to show so much vitriol toward them.

    Get on your knees and pray for the burning in the bosom, DM, then tell us what happens.

    I'm sure SE will be equally thrilled.

    Oh, I am. Thrilled and inspired (my new Skeptical Eye series The Adventures of DM, International Psychotic of Mystery, is coming soon)!


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