Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let Them Eat Meat

I wear a lot of t-shirts. I don’t have many political or religiously themed shirts. In fact, the only one I have is my Communist Party shirt, given to me as a gift by my wife. Most depict bands or are humorous.

However, the shirt I wear that gets the most comments is my “Animals Taste Good” shirt. I can find a couple online that are similar, but I’ll post a pic I took of the shirt below:

Basically, I only hear positive feedback. In fact, I hear a lot. Sometimes when I’m wearing a band shirt, someone will say “Nice shirt,” or “Oh, I like Nirvana, too!” However, with the Animals Taste Good shirt, someone will tell me they like it, no matter where I go. I got a comment on it today in the pet store, from someone who WORKS with animals.

What’s odd to me is I don’t get any negative comments. Many vegetarians I’ve known have strong feelings on the matter. While they don’t necessarily care if someone eats meat, they usually oppose fur, so why not shirts promoting the carnivore diet?

In fact, I bought the shirt hoping to unload some of my philosophical differences on nosey vegetarians. I have dated more than one vegetarian, and I’ve spent long hours arguing over both its moral and nutritional validity.

For one thing, vegetarians shouldn’t do it for the animals. Life is life, and vegetarians eat formerly living things, too. Where’s the pity for the soy holocaust that had to occur to make your tofu? And how dare you accuse my food of being overly processed when I have seen soy turned into everything. You think that soy naturally has an imitation meat consistency, or that it gives milk?

Don’t even get me started on cleanliness. Which is cleaner, meat which may have brushed against poop and is then cook at high temperatures, or plants that grow in shit, gets handled by dirty farm hands, and are stored in rat-infested silos for months, only to be briskly washed under cold water by the consumer? I can’t even imagine the diseases festering in the petri dish that is the “raw food” vegan. I won’t even shake their hands.

Eating meat is part of being human. It was an essential part of our evolution. If people seem emotionally attached to their meat, this is probably why. I know that one day, meat may be a rare commodity, but it surely won’t disappear from our diet.

Plus, there’s so much fun you can have with meat. You ever get a bunch of hot wings and wonder if any of the chickens knew each other? What the very idea of a chicken omelet. “Yeah, I’ll have a chicken fried in its own abortion, thanks.” It seems like something Ed Gein or Jeffry Dahmer would order.

I’ll never understand what drives individuals to deprive themselves of meat. “But Ginx, don’t you know what they do to those poor animals?” Yes, and it tastes good.


  1. I have noticed that when I eat with a vegetarian the entire table knows they are that. Why do they think we all want to here about their diet. Beats me. Funny post, keep it up.

  2. I am happy that you have such strong convictions. You sound like my father: he has also strong convictions and is also a slightly anti-religious atheist who grew up in a family that was too catholic for his taste.

    What is interesting: he rejects religion because of their convictions, but is very intolerant against anyone who does not share his convictions, one of them being that it is essential to cheat on your wife.

  3. Punch: I know some vegetarians who aren't like that, but most choose to be a vegetarian as a sort of statement to the world. For these people, I usually have to hear about it BEFORE eating with them, because we get into the discussion about where to go... and invariably, nothing is good enough for them.

    Minx: I imagine the intolerance for others is the one Catholic idea that took (they do hammer it into you). I know this is the case for me. Cheating on your wife is a great way to catch a disease or knock someone else up. Needless complications, if you ask me. Why not shun the entire concept of marriage if one intends not to honor the arrangement?

  4. I don't find your points very strong.

    "Life is life, and vegetarians eat formerly living things, too. Where’s the pity for the soy holocaust that had to occur to make your tofu?"

    a vegetarian would counter that they don't want to cause suffering to other sentient beings. unless you are the new age type that believes that all living things are sentient, your argument doesn't hold up. Even if you think that all living beings are sentient there is clearly a huge difference in degree between animal life and vegetable life consciousness.

    >And how dare you accuse my food of being overly processed

    I think people who have a problem with overly processed food are referring to chemical processing, because the human body doesn't handle it well

    >Eating meat is part of being human. It was an essential part of our evolution.

    some would argue the same about religious ritual. It's been with humans since forever.

  5. YEah, he did "knock up", twice, that's how I came to know about it...
    But all in all it's not too bad, it just costs a bit of money. But than you have two lovely children more, so why not?
    In the end, it all comes down to a question of money...

  6. I believe that every school child should be made to visit a slaughterhouse. You should know what the earth gives up for you as did those in the past who had to kill their on food.

    Humans are omnivore, not carnivore. So a balanced diet is essential.

    I find only vegans to be obnoxious at a restaurant. Vegetarians are usually cool, they just choose not to eat meat.

    Me, nothing better than a good grilled steak and some swamp BBQ.


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