Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snippet: Identity Theft

Some people worry about identity theft, but not me. Trust me, you don’t want to be me, and you couldn’t do any worse. If you opened up some credit cards and charged a few hundred dollars to them, I’m fairly certain my credit score would go up. Oh, and watch out for those creditors (I am not liable for harassing phone calls, some of whom may be mob sharks, not just banks and credit card companies). While you’re stealing my identity, I have a ten year high school reunion this year I have no intention of going to, so feel free to attend in my stead.


  1. If someone were to steal your ID (identity, not the other silly ID nonsense)then they could claim the wife, three gorgeous cats and some devoted doggies along with any liabilities . Don't let them!

    1. Are you suggesting my wife and pets couldn't tell the difference?

      Well... I'm fairly sure the dogs would notice...

    2. Dogs always know. Anywho, I stopped worrying about identity theft about the same time my credit went into the toilet a few years ago. Steal my identity? Please, take it!


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