Thursday, July 2, 2009


There is a psychological occurrence very near and dear to my heart called “projection” in which a person “projects” their own personal qualities and actions upon others. Israel appears to have done this.

During the attacks that occurred in December and January of ’08/’09, I made some posts (here and here) denouncing the actions of the Israelis. I still refuse to criticize the Palestinians because it is not the fault of the entire Palestinian people that a few individuals are firing rockets across the border (would you want America blamed for a couple individuals attacking another country?). I have no problem blaming the Israelis for the actions of their organized and state-sanctioned military, let alone their US funded arsenal.

It seems the primary moral-crutch the Israelis fell back on during the fighting in Gaza is a sham. According to Amnesty International’s report on the events, Palestinians did not use civilians as “human shields.” On the contrary, the Israelis actually used Palestinians as shields by forcing Palestinian civilians to remain in their homes as the Israeli forces advanced and occupied different sectors.

The death ratios say it all: 13 Israelis killed (including the victims of the rocket attacks which Israel used as their reason for the offensive) versus about 1,400 Palestinians, of which about 300 were children and hundreds more were innocent civilians. These stats also ignore the devastation to the infrastructure also suffered by the Palestinians (which I addressed in a post here, after reading of Jimmy Carter's visit to the region).

Have these people even heard the phrase “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth?” What? They wrote it? Unbelievable…

On a lighter note, I found this hilarious video I thought I would share:

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