Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Word: Refudiate

Refudiate: to both refute and repudiate

(The first of what I can only hope are countless Palinisms)


  1. a double double double post
    Refuckiate: to both refuck and repudiate

    i do not think that your word going to prevail
    mine have slim chance but a chance ....

    Refudiate: to both refute and repudiate= jak vyvrátit a odstoupit

  2. 8h49 already my my
    in hir are only 16h34m
    word 13 a bad luck word

  3. Apparently Ginx = psycho magnet

  4. First DM and now this? How many psychotics are you going to bestow upon us all, Ginx?

    If you have plans to attract more, please at least give me fair warning.

  5. At least this one actually has a blog. Too bad I don't speak boogah boogah.

  6. Unfortunately, I don't speak boogah boogah either or I'd translate for you. I do know how to hoochie coochie (I'm quite the expert at it, really), but that does us no good here.

    If only he (it?) spoke baby talk (that's my other language that I've retained to preserve my infant heritage) we'd be in business.

    DM doesn't have a blog because if he did, he'd end up spamming himself, and that would force him to enable comment moderation, which he would hate and then he'd drive himself crazy and we wouldn't want a crazy DM on our hands (can you imagine?) so let's just be thankful and count our psychos.


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