Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Obama Sucks

Barack Obama is a conservative.

“How do you figure?”

Where to begin...

- he fires people based on the whim of conservative bloggers
- he does nothing to an oil company that turns the Gulf of Mexico into the world’s largest oil slick
- his idea of health-care reform is requiring us by law to continue being duped by private insurance
- he has escalated wars in which we never should have been involved
- his administration sits idly by as the nation faces problem after problem

He’s a classic, small government, do-nothing (except go to war) conservative.

I didn’t vote for the guy. I wasn’t impressed with him during his campaign, and I’m just plain angry at his utter incompetence at this point. And frankly, I’m a little pissed off that Democrats won’t have any new blood to offer in 2012, leading to another pointless election between a moderate conservative and whichever Retardican manages to win the cold hearts and tiny minds of the lowest common denominators.

You know who I want? I want the guy Republicans were scaring people about. I want the Pinko Commie we were warned Obama would be. I guess I just want Dennis Kucinich, or Bernie Sanders.

I don’t know who to hate more these days: Obama, or the conservatives who won’t stop bitching about things he lacks the balls to do. You guys really deserve each other…


  1. Yep, a definite lack of cajones in the White House. We needed FDR, and got Elmer Fudd. But, the thought of someone such as say Newt Gingrich, sends shivers up my spine.

    What about Alan Grayson?

  2. Grayson has a lot of good sound bites, but he has like 2 years of experience as an elected official. I think part of the problem we have now is that liberals elected a guy who has no idea how to get what he wants. Maybe by 2016...

  3. I can't argue with that...regards Grayson, that is. But maybe we didn't elect a guy who doesn't know how to get what he wants...we elected a guy who took office with too many strings to pay back. All this Right talk about him being a lefty is bullshit. In Europe he would be considered way right of center. There's nothing liberal about him. And I will say, unlike you, I bought into the smooth talk because I was so tired of cotton-mouth, range rider, that anyone who could make a complete sentence sounded goooooooooood. I do feel betrayed, but I will do anything to keep the "mothersfuckers" from getting back in office.

    You touched a nerve with me with this post my friend. Good one.

  4. I feel dirty for agreeing with Republicans on how horrible Obama is. I think it's about the only thing me and Republicans have in common. Of course, we dislike his policies for different reasons and unlike Republicans, I don't hope he fails.

    Obama and the Dems are moderately right by European standards, I'm assuming because the last of the people who would be Republicans were taken care of in Nuremberg.

  5. Well: politicians generally make promises in order they get elected, and once they are in office, they have to become realists, and cannot deliver on their promises. It's always the same.

    To sum up: it's easier to critisise than to do a better job...

    (But it is a good idea to criticise from a save distance. As long as you do not run for any office, you will never have to prove that you can do better than the guy you criticise.)

  6. I had no idea how hard it was to say, "Bring our troops out, now." That one in particular is at the sole discretion of the president.

    It's really not difficult to do some of the things he needs to do. Healthcare is only difficult because so many Democrats in the Senate have been bought by the medical and insurance industries which stand to gain through further exploitation.

    But things like the drug war are, again, at his sole discretion. When confronted with the question of simply legalizing marijuana, however, Obama laughed it off.

    Anyone wanna give me the reins? I have time on my hands, and I even promise to give up power in a week if I don't do a better job. Any backers? Oh, I figured...

  7. I'm planning to run for Planetary Imperor, myself. Of course, in a few more years, when my Zombie Control Helmet is perfected, I won't even have to worry about getting enough votes.

    My campaign slogan for 2012: "Vote for me. It'll hurt more if I have to do it by conquest."

  8. Imperor? Is that like the emperor of the imps? I wouldn't mind being the duke of devious demons.

  9. Yep. It's means you have to be sneaky and impish in taking over.

    Either that, or it means you need more coffee before you try to be funny.

  10. Whatever, I wrote "when" instead of "went" in my comic and had to fix it. We cannot hold ourselves to the impossible standard set forth by the divine lord Webster. I just loved the new word. Portmanteaus are one of my reasons for living.

  11. Have to agree with you Ginx. Just before the election, the NRA was talking about how Obama's election would signal the confiscation of every legally owned firearm in the country. Almost two years later, none of it has happened. He even signed into law a bill that allows carrying firearms into National Parks.

    Bottom line; Obama is a politician, and politicians do what politicians do best: play politics.

    I like your idea of Bernie as president. I actually met the guy; he's really genuine, which is refreshing for a politician.

  12. I would vote for Dennis Kucinich for President. The problem is, his fellow Democrats won't.

    You'll never get anything out of the leadership of the Democratic Party except more Military Industrial Complex bullshit.

  13. Not true, Nikk. Dems will also bend over backwards for Israel!

    At least they won't infringe on a woman's body, and they make half-hearted efforts to provide equal rights for gay people. And it's not like Dems actually spend more money than Republicans, so it's not as though Democrats are running the country towards the cliff any faster than Republicans.

    Still, won't vote for any in my state. Maybe someday I'll move to Ohio... but I hope not.


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