Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top Ten: People Whose Death I Will Celebrate

10. Glenn Beck
9. OJ Simpson
8. Kim Jong-il
7. Chief Justice John Roberts
6. Pat Robertson
5. Either of the Koch Brothers
4. The other Koch Brother
3. Silvio Berlusconi
2. George W. Bush
1. Dick Cheney


  1. How did Pope Benedict not make it on here? ;\

  2. Who cares when the Pope dies... there's always another one right behind him. Plus, not even most Catholics listen to the Pope (I know I didn't).

    Has the Pope done something worse than anyone on this list? Maybe John Roberts or Glenn Beck... but still, I think the influence of those two affect my life far more than the Pope ever has or ever will (here's hoping...).

  3. The Yemenese or Syrian dictator?

  4. If I knew who they were or what they did, I would certainly have considered them. Color me stupid on those two countries, however. I just assume the whole Middle East is in shambles, and I just want to be alerted as to when they join the 21st century (or at least when they join us Americans here, back in the 20th).

  5. [I have to say... I expected people to be offended that I made such a list, not make so many suggestions... I'm so proud of you guys right now... *sniff*]

  6. Celebrating someone's death is barbaric. this list is pretty disturbing.

    However, I beieve, Ratzinger should be in the top three, at least.
    What has he done? He helped hide pedophiles, that is enough.

  7. Is there something inherently wrong with barbarism?

  8. Not really.

    I still think his popeness needs on such a list.

  9. Ian Paisley. Small time I know but an utterly awful individual.


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