Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top Ten: Things On My Bucket List

10. Break dance on Ronald Reagan’s grave
9. Win a major award, and accept it while wearing jeans and a hoody
8. Eat an endangered animal (or just part of a large one)
7. Have sex in a church, again
6. Stinkpalm the Pope
5. Give away a billion dollars
4. Have a case against me go before the Supreme Court
3. Drop acid with Stephen Hawking
2. Give Scarlett Johansson a [purely medical] breast exam, orally
1. Write a book that is banned from a school library in the South or Midwest


  1. HWCOITG'S11/08/2011 2:42 PM

    I do not think you will ever be able to do #5.Your against anyone being able to earn that much with out being taxed at 90 plus%. So that means you have to earn nearly 100 billion. Above 90 plus percent tax to be able to do.

    Now if you were taking it from earners to give to others who did not earn it, then maybe it would be possible. But i do not think you could garner that much political clout to be able to cause that much redistribution of earnings.

  2. I do not think you will ever be able to do #5.Your against anyone being able to earn that much with out being taxed at 90 plus%. So that means you have to earn nearly 100 billion. Above 90 plus percent tax to be able to do.

    You have absolutely no idea how progressive taxes work, do you?

  3. HWCOITG'S11/08/2011 2:49 PM

    Please explain to me how anyone could make and hold 1 billion in personal cash under a 90% tax bracket.

    Not the value of a company they earn but be able to earn 1 billion in liquid assets. For extra points how will "you" earn 1 billion cash after paying 90 plus % in taxes so that you could give it away.

  4. Given that scenario: if you make a billion dollars in a single year (not likely), you can donate it all and be exempt from your income tax. Given other real-world possibilities, you could have earned that money through investments and only paid a 15% capital gains tax. Or, I could just be gifted the money, and then I could gift it again, thereby exempting me from the gift tax (or a rich person hands it to me for the express purpose of me handing it off, just to say I gave away a billion dollars).

    I feel I should note, however, that I never suggested an income tax rate of 90% at any income threshold. The US has had a rate that high (under Eisenhower), and it worked at the time (and it may work right now, actually), but as far as a sustainable, long-term rate on the highest income bracket, it shouldn't really exceed 70%, and I think 60-65% is ideal.

  5. Oh, or I could embezzle/steal the money, or start a drug cartel. This is fun... I will be thinking about this for a while.

  6. Does it count if I invent something that could be worth a billion dollars, but then I give it away for free, like how Jonas Salk decided not to patent the polio vaccine?

  7. Okay, I need a ruling here: at what income level does this hypothetical 90% tax kick in?

  8. HWCOITG'S11/08/2011 3:43 PM

    Your the one who rails against personal gain from work, so it is up to you. But you have to be able to give away 1 billion in cash earned legally for the sake of argument.

    That 1 billion cash after even a 65% bracket. That's lower then your original rants against the employed but it will do for arguments sake.

  9. Why does it have to be legal? You think every rich person earned their money legally?

  10. I vowed to tango on Reagan's grave but when I finally got there I was by myself and it takes two to tango.

  11. It's weird, women love going out dancing, but when you suggest this...

  12. HWCOITG'S11/09/2011 10:58 AM

    Is this backtracking the same as the type you used to try and deny that, 80 hours at minimum wage weekly is not above the poverty line?

    Or is it a way to justify being one of the rich you despise, for the sole reason of giving away your illegally gained earnings?

  13. You really are stupid, aren't you?

  14. HWCOITG'S11/09/2011 11:02 AM

    Yes, I am an illiterate fool who is incapable of understanding basic English. I apologize and concede your greatness, Bret.

  15. HWCOITG'S11/09/2011 5:51 PM

    Nice to see you now post for me. Is being a telepathic now one of your many claimed talents Bret ?

  16. Are you seriously still writing comments?

  17. HWCOITG'S11/09/2011 5:54 PM

    Yeah, don't you care?

  18. Not only do I not care, no one else does either.

  19. Speaking to yourself as well as for others in writing may be a sign or more serious mental issues. Those issues may be related to your self loathing and jealousy of those who are successful.

  20. I heard that song already, play a new one.

  21. HWCOITG'S11/09/2011 8:33 PM

    Did you sing it to yourself ? Or did the voices in your head sing it to you ?

  22. Do you bother to read anything I write besides when I point out what a bitch you are?

  23. HWCOITG'S11/09/2011 10:37 PM

    Just go ahead and listen to the voices Bret. The nice men in the white coats will make it all better soon.

  24. It's pathetic that you have nothing better to do than look like a jackass on my blog. I'm flattered, but feel free to fuck off.

  25. Your mama is so fat...
    Wait, I thought this was another blog for a minute.

  26. Have you seen him challenge me to a fight in person? It really got me nostalgic for fifth grade...

    I don't mind him here, though. Having someone like him hate me so much, it just really makes me feel... what's the word... correct.

  27. Bret, I do not hate you. Hate is a strong emotion that would require me to have given a damn about you to being with. I would say pity or sad amusement at your spiral in to despair is a better description of what I feel for you.

    If calling you out when you spouting off crap and loathing of those who are more successful then you is being a jack ass then that's what your free to think. I will continue to challenge your claims when i feel the desire or until you censor me.

    You posting as me, looks much more like a jackass in my humble opinion then anything i have written here.

  28. You specifically gave me a simple challenge, which I easily met many times over, then you continued spamming my blog with bullshit. There's nothing more for you to clarify, there's no reason for you to even be here. You are a coward and a fool, and I have nothing else to say to you.

    This is the last time I acknowledge your existence. Now, don't you have an off to go fuck?

  29. Oh no my poor ego a cowardly, unemployed, internet tough guy swore at me. What will i ever do? I know i will spend some of my earnings i made on my own not by taking it from other people on something I like.

    Maybe a new gun or more ammo or a motorcycle to pass prius's? on,I am not sure what the plural to prius is?.

    Were your feelings that easily hurt by someone not fawning at your mindless drivel that you post now?

    When i first read this blog I almost found it entertaining then i began to watch you just spiral down. Now it is like a train wreck it is ugly but you still watch.

    You call my posts spam but what am i trying to sell or market here. If the blog i made just for you to make insults at me on is spam I will happily remove that form my signature I do not use it much as it is.

  30. HWCOITG'S11/10/2011 10:49 AM

    I got it now i know why Bret is acting so miserable as of late. Tomorrow is Veterans day. A holiday that stands for one of the things he hates most veterans of the military.

    Bret are you going to stand on your morals and principals and go out to call veterans murderers of children or military whores tho their faces? They should be easy to find as many restaurants and business will be having sales or free offers to honor their service.


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