Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday Reflection #62

Humans have only one emotion: anxiety. All others derive from our varying responses to the presence or absence of it.


  1. HWCOITG'S1/01/2012 5:10 PM

    I wonder if you will continue to censor posts in 2012. Unlike this statement,

    I will never moderate comments. I only remove a comment if it is:
    a. deleted by poster
    b. a double post
    c. spam

  2. Keep spamming my comments with inane moaning that has nothing to do with my posts and you'll find out.

    Can you explain to me the difference between your irrelevant, off topic whining that never even addresses what I wrote and someone posting random comments with links to fake medications?

    You remind me a little of DM, only your comments are less entertaining because they're written by someone who is a douchebag, not clinically insane. If your going to be a bitch, at least entertain me. Otherwise, your comments are just getting marked as what they are: repetitive, attention-seeking spam.

    Lemme guess... my dad gave me money and my wife works while I'm unemployed? Do you have anything else to add, ever? Or, are you just going to repeat over and over something I openly shared on my blog?

    I'm flattered you read my blog so often (and I know you do... I have the IP record right here...), but even if I wasn't married, you're just not my type. Move on, I'm sure you'll find a nice twink who will make you happy one day.


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