Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top Ten: Annoying Things [Some] Christians Do

10. Say “Bless you” when anyone sneezes
9. Expect me to say “Bless you” when they sneeze
8. Pray before eating
7. Give me dirty looks as I eat while they pray
6. Religious Tourette’s (dropping “God willing” and “praise Jesus” into every other sentence)
5. Act persecuted all the time
4. Claim that homosexuality is shameful
3. Pretend Christianity isn’t shameful
2. Legislate according to [their interpretation of] the Bible
1. Knock on your door to talk about Jesus early in the morning on a weekend


  1. The bless you thing is one to which I reply "may Satan kiss you".

  2. 'Sup Geenks, I'm guilty of #10 and #8. But the other ones annoy me too.

    Anyways it was good hearing from you. Sounds like all is well. Hope you and yours have an awesome 2012.

    I think you've motivated me to check in on everyone from back in the day.


  3. I only pray before eating when other people are around.

    I say 'bless you' always and if no one is around when I sneeze I say, 'bless me', although I grew up German and we say, 'gesundheit', which I still say at times.

    Which Christians knock on your door? I've only heard of Mormons & JWs coming to your door - do Christian denominations do it too?

    I have no cross to bear because Jesus paid it all. I might have troubles, but nothing worries me (at least for long).

  4. do Christian denominations do it too?

    Mormons and JWs are Christians (trust me...).

    Also, Seventh Day Adventists have been known to go door-to-door.

  5. Mormons and JWs are not Christians just because they believe Jesus existed. That's not the definition of the word.

    Also... why on earth would it annoy you when someone prays before a meal? Are the people you hang around doing so at the tops of their lungs? Do they steal your utensils until they're finished with their prayers?

    I'd love to meet just one enthusiastic atheist in this world whose main game isn't sitting in their imaginary tower of enlightenment disrespecting anyone with faith.

  6. 10.Christians don't say “Bless you” when anyone sneezes - that is superstitious nonsense.
    9. You can't know that they expect you to say “Bless you” when they sneeze. That would call for knowledge of the operation of their mind.
    8. It is religious convention to pray before eating
    7. If you disrespect a person, they might give you dirty looks as you eat while they pray
    6. One cannot be certain of one's next breath. Hence, “God willing” acknowledges this. Jesus died for our sins - perhaps it's worth remembering, if not, in every other sentence.
    5. I don't think that Christians act persecuted all the time - don't even know what that quite means. JWs seem to act this way but, all religions are under pressure, in this time.
    4. They only claim that homosexuality is shameful, because it is a sin.
    3. Even if I forgave your previous errors, this one just makes you a moron - Christianity isn’t shameful!
    2. When do Christians get to legislate? The bible is interpreted according to the concensus of christian churches for consistency. Who else are they gonna ask - Rashon, the godless?!
    1. Only a Jehovah's Witness would knock on your door to talk about Jesus early in the morning on a weekend. They are not Christians.
    0 - the bottom line - you are a weak comedian, ill-educated, and ignorant of many things. Atheist is not shorthand for 'disrespectful, rude, theologically ignorant fool'. It's far more subtle than that.


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