Thursday, August 9, 2012

Snippet: Slavery, Eugenics, and the Olympics

It’s a pretty commonly heard idea – even if it is usually whispered – that black people (especially in the Americas and Caribbean) were bred by slave owners to be superior physical specimens. I don’t think this is the case. If this were true, black people from these regions would be winning events where strength was important, but black people seem to dominate in speed events. I ask you: what plantation owner in their right mind would breed slaves who were faster and harder to chase down?


  1. Could be that enough time has past that the physical superiority had been decreased in direct proportion to the consumption of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Could be that's the reason so many of the speed events were won by white... women.

  2. could be that african peoples up until quite recently had healthy lifestyles, no sugar, physical endurance type labour and strong family relationships. The fat, lazy, bad behaviour stereotypes we see all over these days are the product of slavery. European peoples have been eating sugar, drinking alcohol, making others do the labour, and destroying families for the last couple thousand years. We should take heed of how the great people of Africa live instead of trying to destroy that.

    1. Which African country would you say is the idealistic model?


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