Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top Ten: Ideas I Briefly Thought I Came Up With First

10. Titties, a restaurant with big-breasted… chicken sandwiches

9. “Have It My Way,” a movie where I eat only Burger King for 30 days

8. Massage oils laced with powerful drugs

7. Bret & Obesity, ice cream aimed at yuppies, including a flavor inspired by a Latin rock legend, “Santana Banana”

6. Masturbation

5. TheHateBook, a website for posting about all the things you can’t stand

4. Turning wolves into pets

3. What if our Solar System is an atom in someone’s fingernail?

2. A cartoon show with a dumb father

1. Some sort of new American government that takes power out of the hands of a few wealthy families and gives a voice to the people

1 comment:

  1. The whole "recursive universe" thing is obviously stupid, anyway. If the earth is just a giant electron, then to be a good analogue we should spend some non-zero amount of the time inside the sun, and the observed position of the planet should occasionally change in ways which have no possible physical path.

    To say nothing of the fact that, if everything is to scale, there would need to be particles moving faster than the speed of light which would be completely absorbed by the earth, causing it to temporarily jump to a distance further out from the sun.

    (And if you want to make the moon into the electron, the same objections apply.)


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