Sunday, April 5, 2009


As most level-headed people predicted back in 2004, including police, the lapsed assault weapon ban has spawned a slew of attacks.

Everyone knows violence is going to happen, regardless of whether or not there are guns. The latest is a case involving an AK-47. Another incident in March also involved an AK-47.

I could go through a laundry list of cases and bore you with sob stories of the families. The bottom line is this: the violence is getting worse because we have encouraged an arms race among our own citizenry. We have convinced millions of Americans that owning a gun will make them safer. In reality, owning a gun just increases the likelihood of this.

Whatever happened to beating our swords into plowshares? Why are we flooding our country with the tools of war? Some cry that guns are one of our last industries. If this is true, why do we buy Russian AK-47's to kill fellow Americans? We've outsourced the production of our own misery. End the bullshit, outlaw assault rifles.


  1. I disagree. The assault weapons ban did not decrease gun violence. It did not do anything at all. See here.

    And BTW, most AK-47s in the US are Chinese imports.

  2. Yeah... no...

    I'd still rather they not be sold legally. Force crminals to trade them illegally, then we can prosecute them for it if they're caught. This isn't drugs, which harm only the user and would be better off legalized. These are guns, which are used for the sole purpose of lethal force.

    We spent the last 8 years obsessed with making ourselves safer by sending young men and women overseas to battle people who were no threat to us. Let's spend some time realizing we're on the brink of crazy.

    Step back and assess the situation: Mexico IS getting weapons from the US, and many other sources. Of course, the answer would be drug legalization, thus legitmizing the business and eliminating the need.

    Some may say, "That is just one ban for another." Drugs are devastating to those who are close to the addict, but bringing the topic into the legal public forum is the surest way to provide people with these problems the help they need.

    Guns, on the other hand, don't make those who have them any safer. You are not Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal or whoever the fuck you have yourself convinced you'll be in a moment of panic. If you want protection during a break in, wear a fucking diaper.

  3. Yeah, drugs should be legal, not guns. Both those changes will lead to fewer gun deaths.

  4. Thank you for proving my point, Infidel, since the situation in Mexico would NOT EXIST without America's war on drugs. If drugs were traded openly and taxed, there would be no prohibition-era organized crime because there would be nothing to fund it.

    As it is, illegal drugs fund not only the violence in Mexico (which is worsened, though not defined, by the ability to buy assault weapons in America), they also fund the Taliban in Afghanistan and gangs in America.


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