Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Passover!

Let us all celebrate that God killed Egyptian children, and may His wrath be forever appeased by our continued practice of meaningless sacrifice and prejudice.


  1. You are so judgemental!

    Religious fanatics who are intolerant to atheists have nothing on you!

    You are an expert on the history of Israel, and now on the entire philosophy and practice of Passover.

    Has it ever, ever, occurred to you that you might be wrong? That others know more than you?

    And that your comments, as well as incorrect factually, are highly offensive?

    And does that matter? Or is it only "other people" who are to be condemned for offence?

  2. I'm sorry if you believe I have said I am an expert in anything. I am a fool, as the title of my blog clearly states.

    If my opinion has offended you, it cannot not be due to the strength of the speaker, only the words themselves. Address them if you wish.

    It has occurred to me I am likely wrong about many things. I may be wrong and the Taoists may be right. Perhaps it's Tibetan Buddhists. Maybe it was the Zulu, or Aztecs. All religions and cultures are equally "right," just as they are all equally wrong. If you believe differently, it is you who is intolerant and fanatical.

    If I am incorrect, I welcome the truth. Refute me. Passover depicts the precise events I described. Get over it, you clearly cling to ancient desert prejudice masquerading as morality.

    I believe "condemning" someone is something superstitious people do. I don't engage in "evil eye" games.

    Those not brainwashed by foolish fairy tales see what I have written as I intend, and you are meant to be irritated only as a pleasant side effect.


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