Thursday, August 27, 2009

Environmentalism and Survival

Have you ever despised a band or style of music because you hate the people you know you listen to it? I have; I still to this day won’t sit through Dave Matthews or Phish. And yet, there’s nothing wrong with their music. It is not even that dissimilar to some music I enjoy.

I hate trees. I hate poems about trees or how beautiful people think they are. I hate the smell of them. I hate the runny nose they give me. I hate their stupid green leaves that turn rusty poop colored before littering themselves all over the street, where they sit until my city spends millions of dollars ($2 million in my particular city) to clean them up. Fuck trees. Sometimes I just sit around snapping pencils in half and throwing them away to spite the wood.

Believe me when I say I understand how annoying environmentalism is. However, it has nothing to do with loving nature. Hell, I hate nature. I find nature to be a cruel test of survival, an unpredictable bastard that is out to get us. Nature is about as lovable as Charles Manson.

Everything that is alive today is an experiment in survival. Eventually, most will go the way of the dodo, literally. However, I would strongly suggest we do a better job of genetically cataloging creatures which we may lose.

Many of the drugs we have were derived from or developed through research of plants and animals. The fact is, living things are just bags of chemicals. If one living thing has developed a chemical which benefits it, there’s nothing stopping us using it in our bag.

Sure, there’s compatibility problems, but remember that the anti-bacterial properties of mold are harnessed for antibiotics. If we’re compatible with mold technology, it’s not surprising to know most drugs we take everyday are found naturally in plants and animals.

No angel is crying when a species dies. However, we are losing millions of years of natural biochemical research. And don’t try to convince yourself that the death of a species means it has nothing to offer us; animals developed defenses against nature (our common enemy), not us.

But suppose you hate medicine, why should you care about such a liberal bullshit idea like the environment? Well, for one thing the environment isn’t some place we never go; it’s right outside your window. We’re not pumping our waste into condors and pandas; we’re dumping it in our oceans, or in pits which we cover, then build schools, hospitals, and parks over.

Why is it acceptable to poison us? Why is there so much methylmercury in all our fish? I might posit that Republicans want us to get mercury poisoning; the resulting madness would swell their Conservative ranks. However, in all seriousness, it comes down to cost. It’s just not cost-effective for companies to safely dispose of their waste.

The worst part of it is, the environmental banner has been hijacked by Global Warming and the Democratic Party. Yes, the climate is changing. Yes, we’re probably affecting it somehow. But the problem is, that’s nature; nature is always changing.

I’m sure we would be better off if we could just snap our fingers and magically have enough solar panels, wind turbines, and self-righteousness collectors to power the world. However, even then the climate would still alter over time – though more slowly, it would still be inevitable. Global Warming is an issue for science to solve in the context of “How will humanity survive its inevitable effects?”

Unless we come up with a way to reverse it (and I would caution that messing with something so big is very dangerous in and of itself), Global Warming is not something worth discussing in environmentalism. It paints a picture that is too illogically emotional: a dire, end of the world scenario where we simultaneously heat up like a green house and freeze over. Sounds like religion.

What’s really going to happen is the same thing that has always happened: there will be change, and those who adapt will carry on. How we will adapt after our finite resources are used up? Will we find enough alternative energy to maintain our current lifestyle? If we don’t develop them, probably not – unless you believe they’ll just fall from the sky.

Environmentalism should not be about Mother Earth, helpless animals, or politics. It is a matter of survival, and animals will do extreme things to survive. Will our ancestors mine our trash for the valuable resources we waste today? Are we condemning our children to lives as trash diggers?

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  1. Haha, I love how you hate trees. That's just golden.


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