Friday, September 4, 2009

On Gideons and Conspiracies

Anyone who has been bored in a hotel has seen the Bible. Many may have noticed (or simply heard) that it was placed there by a “Gideon.”

Before I proceed, yes I know there is often also a Book of Mormon. However, as an Atheist, I bash religions, not cults. You have to draw the line somewhere, or else I would be on here 24/7 trying to debunk the Flat Earth Society.

Now there is no Church of Gideon, nor are they from Gidea (as Bill Hicks has suggested). Instead, they are a group that was founded in Wisconsin by Evangelicals with the express purpose of spreading the “word of God” (see also: the Bible).

Since being founded in 1899, the group Gideon International has distributed approximately 1.5 billion Bibles in over 80 languages to more than 175 countries. Any Christian can join, except of course Catholics, Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Scientists, Orthodox Christians, Unitarians, and Mormons.

The Bibles distributed are in the King James Version, the most common Protestant format and translation. Besides hotels, they also distribute Bibles to hospitals, the military, nursing homes, prisons, schools, and colleges.

I have heard Christians speak of conspiracies against Christianity. I have heard Christians speak of conspiracies about one type of Christianity trying to destroy the real, true Christianity (always the brand of the speaker). I have heard of conspiracy theories that say Christianity is being attacked by atheists and Satan worshippers (usually interchangeable within the same rant, despite the logical fallacy of their incompatibility).

Really, Christians just love to believe they are Jesus, and that Judas is going to betray them and they will get nailed to their cross, so they can finally live forever. The closest thing to an anti-Christian plot is probably radical Islamic extremism, which is itself concerned with all non-Muslims, be they Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, or atheist, not just Christians.

Christians are looking for a plot, and so they see a plot. What I wonder is, does all this paranoia make Christianity a threat to those of us who would live peacefully with them? Moreover, why are Christians distributing their propaganda through a tax-free organization while accusing the world of corrupting them?

Besides being better than the people I’m criticizing (no small task here), there’s no sense in turning it around and accusing Christianity of a conspiracy. A conspiracy, as defined by the dictionary, is a plot made in secret.

It is no secret that Christians try to infect people with their way of thinking; anyone who takes the time to read their material sees that a major component of their faith is based around convincing other people to join. The very word “evangelize” means “convert.” It’s in their name: they’re out to get us.

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  1. I get a kick out of christian's who claim persecution in the US.

    They own darn near everything. They are represented near exclusively in Government. They pay no taxes. They are free to worship anyway they wish.
    And seem more than able to tell me I'm going to Hell on every available occasion.

    Where is the persecution?
    Does me laughing at their silly beliefs rise to persecution? If so, I too have been persecuted ! Persecuted and oppressed, for I am exposed to their immoral cross phallus everywhere I turn.


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