Sunday, September 20, 2009

Barack Obama: Business As Usual

Barack Obama is no liberal, something I sensed very early on. I didn’t vote for him and I would never vote for him, and frankly it doesn’t matter one bit whether I would “like” the guy personally. This is how conservatives elected Bush, based on whether or not they would have a beer with him (note: Bush is a dry drunk who doesn’t drink, but I guess it was a metaphor).

Obama’s decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan, his decision to do nothing about the banking system, and now this, have all proven Obama is nothing but a traditionalist moderate who will work to keep the country’s status quo. About the only thing liberal about him is his stance on fixing health care: sans-testicles.

At what point will Obama act in the interests of those all-too-adorable liberals who elected him? Extending federal benefits to gay couples would just be too big of a victory for those homos who voted for him, I guess.

Of course, even if he seemed to be on their side, you’d have to wait for the actual results. Obama claimed to have ended the war on drugs, but people are still being arrested and filling prison cells for drug use. There’s really nothing about Obama I respect anymore, because he stands for nothing (which explains why he can’t stand up to Republicans).

The worst part has been trying to defend him against the insane ramblings of those who would bury this country in a mountain of guns and debt. Conservatives are running around with their hair on fire like the Red Army is marching on Washington, meanwhile Obama is doing absolutely nothing to rally those who he actually has a chance of impressing.

Barack Obama: you’re an ineffectual child. Grow a pair, you fucking faggot-hater. Or have they just not dropped yet?

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