Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Arizona Solution

The past couple of days, I have pondered how best to handle the idiocy coming from the Arizona state legislature. There have been protests, and there are those who are boycotting the state. However, I think the solution requires something a little more…

The United States should cede Arizona to Mexico. Think about it. We acquired Arizona from Mexico in the Mexican-American War, so it may be argued we have no legitimate right to the land. We also don’t need Arizona. The state is largely old, white, racist retirees, and the money we could save not paying for their Medicare would far outweigh the meager benefits the state provides. [The Grand Canyon is nothing but North America’s asscrack.]

While we’re at it, we should give back California and Texas, too. Texas is an obvious choice, but why would I suggest getting rid of Cali, the liberal Mecca? Well, their insurmountable debt problem makes the decision appealing. Politicians who suggest policies that circumvent Constitutional amendments would be another.

Being faced with trying to [re]gain American citizenship might instill a sense of empathy in the hearts of these desert-dwelling bigots.


  1. I wish for a second the politics of this issue would go away. One side points to racism, the other has some racists. That does not change the issue, or the problem of illegal aliens. Pointing to racism in this issue has been abused to silence a large portion of the population. That does not change the issue, or their beliefs.

    They(illegals) are here in the millions. They are diluting the job market for the under educated of America. Yes there are costs involved with added millions and millions of people to cities and states. Schools and infrastructure etc.

    So how do we get rid of these illegal aliens of any color without rounding up whole neighborhoods and looking like the Nazis?

    I am for very stiff penalties with prison time for employers that hire illegal aliens.

    I am for a national card for the US. Which ties drivers license, SS card and birth cert together in a data base. So when someone tries to use the same number a flag comes up. That person at counter can be investigated. You would need that card to be employed.

    The US can be like a lot of countries out there. Aliens would need a permit to work here. There are countries aliens are not allowed to work. This shouldn't be a problem for us either.

    Without an economic benefit for being here illegally. Illegal aliens would have to go home to support their families.

    Then countries that are supported by illegal workers will either have to pay more to hire Americans, become more efficient, or fail.

    Those are my thoughts.

  2. You should go back to Europe with your entitlement garbage. You aren't any more special just because some cunt shit you out on greasey American soil.

    The problem is the red tape involved in immigration. The process is ridiculous. Your ancestors came here on a boat and were not turned away.

    Fight illegal immigration by supporting legal immigration. Making America an unpleasant to live will not curb immigration, it just makes it miserable for everyone.

  3. Ginx - Maybe you don't see a problem. Maybe you are choosing to ignore the problem.

    At some point the US became a sovereign nation. They enacted immigration legislation. Not to become entitlists. lol(yes u are funny) To get a handle on our population growth. Illegal is...illegal. heh. If they chose to skip to the head of the line, by crossing in and using fake documents. They are the ones that are knowingly breaking the law. They can do it legally. It is not their right to come here. It is their right to ask for permission. Like my great greats did. Really you acting like, I should go back to Europe is retarded.

    Ignoring the effects of millions of illegals in the work force, does not change the effect.

    To have a sustainable economy and country, we need to get a handle on this. Since you chose to laugh at my suggestion, what is your solution? Let the doors open? Really anything clever to fix this? You obviously have not thought this out.

    Food for thought.

  4. There should be no "line," as you speak of. There was no line at Ellis Island, and that is what made it as powerful and important as it was. Anyone from anywhere could escape to America, a land of opportunity.

    We don't have a population problem, even though we have some of the highest fertility rates in the developed world. We just also happen to have enormous stretches of land that are virtually unused.

    Your family waited in no line, they bought a ticket. Our immigration policies which limited immigration came in the mid 20th century.

    I have thought this out, you have felt it out. You feel that our country is being taken over by dirty immigrants, while I know our country was built on the backs of immigrants. You should pick up a history book, and not the one you read in 3rd grade.

    The only solution is to let the doors wide open. The first generation will be like the Poles, Italians, and other non-English speakers: we'll complain about their accents, but their children will be bilingual, and their grand children will probably only speak English (if you can even call what most Americans speak "English").

    You are seriously ill-informed. You should go back to Europe. You can be surrounded by your white brethren and won't have to worry about the mud-bloods marrying your kids.

  5. Interesting stuff Ginx. And, I agree with you. Your country was built on the backs of immigrants. Some were voluntary, most were not. Not just that, people do not choose to live under the radar with illegal status. They simply do not have the opportunity. But, I also fear how mainstream America would react to open immigration. They feel that the new family in the block threatens their job, let alone races from other countries.

  6. The Random Commenter5/04/2010 6:40 PM

    Americans think that they are special, because they were born here, or because ages ago the asses of their great greats decided to come here. Yet many barely speak English or care about the nation that they live in. They want opportunity without working for it. All of a sudden there is an immigration problem.

    What? There isn't enough liberty to go around? Being illegal does not mean you are not a person. Families are broken, and lives are destroyed. Further law like this just encourages racism and conflict between peoples. This is why there is war, religion, fear and Republicans. People can't take it when others are different. Hopefully someday we can get over this and live together as a human race and not as whites, blacks, latinos, asians, indians, and what not. Race and religion suck as definitions for people. I read in the NY Times that 78% percent of Americans approve of the Arizona law. Just ridiculous.

    Open immigration will probably never be accepted in this country, even though I think it would work. I think that at least loosening some things should be in order. People come here for opportunity not out of spite and mostly not for themselves. Many that come illegally are humble and happy with what they have, and really just want a better life for their children. It's despicable when an old fat American chastises others for doing exactly what his ancestors did. There is a double standard. It's only wrong when others do it.

    I don't encourage racism and people should have an equal opportunity regardless of where they come from. This irrational pride is what is sinking America. Less intelligent people are coming here, and less are being made here. America is not as attractive. Someday it will be a legend to tell children. I hope America will be portrayed in a good light, and not characterized by the racist turds and backwards idiots that dominate it today.

  7. Really retarded is what I think of your thought process. Have you read anything since third grade?

    I am not a racist. I have friends that were illegal. I have friends that are illegal. I could easily turn their whole families lives upside down by reporting them. That is not my job.

    It is the job of the government to protect its citizens jobs. Which it isn't doing when it ignores illegal immigrants.

    So you think schools are free? Sewers? That is all free? Your an idiot. We have an immigration policy for a reason. Why do you think it is? You didn't answer the first time I asked.

    Doors wide open sounds great if you want to completely fuck all working class citizens. You are brilliant. Since your talking out of your ass. Please explain how supply(workers) and demand(jobs) works in your situation.

    You obviously were dropped on your head when as you said "Your cunt of a mother shit you out!"

    FYI - Dumb Ass! Being against illegal immigration does not make me racist. Your thinking that way shows severe retardation.

    Why is America supposed to open the doors? Is the rest of the world open? Australia? Thailand? Russia? China? England? France? Doors open? Nope. Why is that? Research that ya melon head. Heard about passports? Why do we need them? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Really. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  8. illegal immigrants are all working in jobs that American's don't want to do- like migrant fruit pickers and washing dishes at restaurants and slaughtering animals at butcheries. They are not middle class, most are living in abject poverty in group quarters doing shit jobs at long hours with no rights because of their status. How many of these "They took our jerbs" idiots would be willing to do a job like that?


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