Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Importance of Action

Civil disobedience is an important part of every healthy society. Civil disobedience is a non-violent act performed with full knowledge that negative consequences may be inflicted by others.

Often, it is the government that is being targeted for exposure as the heavy-handed reactionary: black people sitting in seats designated for white people, Indians making salt despite a British ban on the practice, even drug dealers selling their wares despite the threat of incarceration.

However, in some cases, it is not a government that reacts to an act of defiance. May 20th has been arbitrarily selected as “Draw Mohammad Day.” I for one have been feverishly working on Photoshopping some things together. I may even drag out the pen and paper to actually create something brand new.

But why do it? For one thing, we can. There is nothing morally wrong with lampooning someone’s religion. Islam is not special, it deserves no special respect or reverence. I refuse to even admit Islam is the craziest and most violent faith.

Sure, they took down the two towers and 4,000 3,000 people, but the largely Christian army of America takes out more buildings and people in any given month over there. I’m just not too frightened by a society that still rides camels and builds car bombs out of fireworks.

So let’s pretend some Muslims will try to kill people who draw Mohammad. If a couple people do something, it’s easy to scare them with threats. If thousands of people do it… let’s be honest, they don’t have the time. They’re too busy praying five times a day.

The more people who do it, the more improbable it becomes that violence will follow the depiction of that 7th century child fucker. The more people who draw Mohammad, the safer it will become to do so.

“But Ginx, I can’t draw.” Great! Just take a brown marker and draw an oval. Fill it in and there you have it: Poohammad. “Who over 7 years old still has markers?” Fine, use MS Paint. It’s really not about quality, it’s about quantity.

So warm up your imagination and start sketching those incendiary drawings and cartoons. Islam deserves to be treated the same as any other faith.


  1. I agree with you about Islam. In my opinion, I do not feel as though they are the most dangerous religion in the Western World. Yes,they react in an irrational manner to criticism of their religion. However, they do not expect the rest of our society to "accept" their point of view. They do not impose their views in science, and they do not expect the public school system to teach their kids what it means to be a Muslim. They take care of that in their homes, where it belongs.

  2. the importance of action consists of using the *broom of annihilation* against the atheist movement

  3. the importance of action consists of using the *broom of annihilation* against the atheist movement

    I've just put on my Bill Gnade glasses and my eyes have opened. Good work DM! (I mean, I don't want to blow your cover or anything, but I don't think there is a more important warrior against theism out there right now -and certainly you're second to none in Canada- than you).

    Keep it up, buddy! We love you!

  4. ::yawns at DM::

    Yeah, but is it a +5 Broom of Annihilation? Do you have to be a Paladin in order to use it? Does it work with third edition, or do you have to be running fourth? I mean, it sounds like a major artifact... what's the scoop, here?

  5. the writing on the wall...

    f*ck you very much!


    see, you degenerates have last names like first names...

    how about I believe in WHATEVER I want - even in the FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER! - and you have nothing to say!

    let me show you the end results of this particular *ONE-DIMENSIONAL SCIENTIFIC MODE*
    of thinking that is called *CRITICAL THINKING*, which is completely divorced from
    any human objectives...

    this style has been perfected by dawkins, pz, randi and the other *NEW ATHEISTS*
    THE BOOBQUAKE - 911!

    see how we take a term and convert it into its AUTHENTIC POLITICAL DIMENSION - THAT
    OF LIBERATION - not just merely harmless expression...


  6. Oh so wish I could vote in you current survey. But you for get an option, ( ) I don't give a shit about Draw Mohammed day.

  7. Your write-in response is noted.

  8. you are going to learn that even to TALK about GOD the way you do is going to COST YOU YOUR LIVES...

  9. Random Mutation5/15/2010 7:32 PM

    DM? Haven't I heard that name before? Yeah, I was in Montreal, having a little fun, when he approached me about joining him in a massive spam campaign to make theists look like psychotic loons.

    I said I couldn't get involved, and hoped he wouldn't go through with his plans, but he was adamant about it and his hatred of God. He kept shaking his fist at the sky, shouting "You coward!"

  10. This has nothing to do with your post. But I finally got visited by DM! I feel privileged.

    You can read the post if you like, or simply skip to the comments.

    Christian philosophy triumphs!

  11. about 3000 people, not 4000

    It was a death rate of under 15% for the WTC towers...

  12. The United States, and Australia for that matter, are not Christian countries, but Christianised. Would you agree with this? This is my initial response to the description of the US military as a "Christian" army.

  13. I believe the US was founded as a secular nation, but Christianity has undoubtedly hijacked the country ever since the Red scare. "God and Country" have become synonymous, especially in the military. Even some of our ulterior motives for the wars in the Middle East are grounded in apocalyptic ideology (i.e. that Jews must control Israel). This is not how I would like things to be, but this is the state of things in the US. I don't know enough about Australia's situation to comment.


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