Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pithy News 10/23/10

People wore purple in honor of homosexuals who are driven to suicide by an intolerant society. Upon hearing of the movement, Purple jumped off a bridge; his parents, Red and Blue, said they didn’t even know he was gay.

WikiLeaks documents show that the US looked the other way while detainees were tortured and murdered. To be fair, it was hard to watch and there was some really good stuff on TV (have you seen “Modern Family?”).

The Chilean miners are finally out. While they are wildly popular, hipsters insist they were much better when they were underground.

Glenn Beck claimed that evolution is a myth because he has never seen “a half-monkey, half-person yet.” In related news, Glenn Beck does not believe in mirrors, because he has never seen one.


  1. Ginx.... I'm wondering if we should begin to make an escape plan to Sweden.

  2. Naw, I'd rather kick Republicans in the balls then retreat and learn Swedish. I still think we'll win due to the inevitability of progress.

    Plus, I know Sweden is full of atheists but... they have a cross as their flag.

  3. Rand Pauls' new campaign ad:


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