Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Reflection #8

Do they have internet in heaven? If not, is it really heaven? If so, why don’t dead people update their FaceBook pages?


  1. With all the sex and wine up there, there's no time for the wait, that's the Muslim heaven. Which heaven are you referring to? As you know, theologians are now speculating that the afterlife is really a multi-paradise, though they have no evidence just yet.

  2. My heaven would have internet, or it wouldn't be heaven. You might say... this is almost a proof against heaven.

  3. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized there should also be internet in hell (AOL is the only provider).

  4. Well, from what I was taught in heaven you will be able to just think and you can speed across space in an instance to a new place. So you are the internet. You want to learn about the Gnostics you can transport yourself back in time and watch them. You want to see what is happening in the M13 galaxy you think and bam you are there. So the earthly internet is a prototype of heaven. In hell you won't be able to do that cool stuff so you would have to have a earthly internet there, but the fires would burn up all the wires. Alas.
    That's cool I can still think in bullshit. Thought I was losing that skill. It is like riding a bicycle.


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