Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Curse of Insurance

Health insurance has been getting a lot of press lately. However, I just saw the new Michael Moore movie, and it’s got me thinking about some other types of insurance.

There is something called Corporate-owned Life Insurance. No, this isn’t insurance a CEO takes out in case his company dies. Instead, it is an insurance policy taken out by a company which covers a worker for that company, and which may or may not remain valid even after the employee no longer works for that company. This was primarily used to protect against the loss of key people high up in the company, but in the US it is common for even the janitors to be insured in this way.

Colloquially, this is called a “Dead Peasant” policy. It really hearkens back to the feudal days when a lord felt he had ownership of his workforce. If a noble or knight from another land killed one of his peasant serfs, the victim’s lord would be entitled to compensation for his loss.

This is nothing but motivation for companies to treat Americans like shit. They don’t want us to have health insurance, private or public, because we’re worth more dead than alive. This is nothing but a monetary incentive for the death of others.

So I have an idea. Why don’t average citizens take out insurance policies on the wealthy? I think a solid investment would be to take out life insurance policies on every CEO of a blue chip company. While we’re at it, let’s get fire insurance for their homes and businesses, too. Then maybe, just maybe, these fuckers will just “naturally” get what’s coming to them.

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