Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Conditions are Right

The Right thrives on failure. When people are unemployed, they’re more likely to hate immigrants. When people are poor, they’re more likely to be religious. When people are uneducated, they’re more likely to be Republican.

Republicans have a vested interest in running America into the shitter. By deregulating markets and allowing wealth to pile up in the hands of a few, they grow their ranks. Economic hardship is the fertilizer for Right Wing ideology. The Right Wing wants America to be shit, because that’s the only thing in which they grow.

The Right Wing can convince itself anything is true. When they’re in the minority, everything of the nebulous “establishment” is on the left and wrong. Vaccines are being questioned as a leftist conspiracy. Frankly, I hope no Republican ever gets another vaccination. Enjoy your measles.

The Right Wing wants Social Darwinism (which is ironic from a group of evolution deniers). They want everyone to sink or swim on their own power. The base believes hard work will be enough to let them rise to wealth, while the true holders of clout sleep in gated communities, locked safely away from the ensuing chaos.

The times we live in are the conditions under which right-leaning politicians often rise. I am eternally thankful that Obama is president, because he is clearly too spineless to ever become a despot. Even though the conditions are perfect for a Hitler-esque leader to rise to power in America, none showed up.

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