Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Private Internet?

John McCain, who despite his verbal tic is no friend of mine or any American, introduced an odd bill. Like all Republicans, he dressed it up in Republican language: the Internet Freedom Act.

What does the Internet Freedom Act mean? Does it allow us to freely use the internet? Does it mean the internet won’t be censored? Does it mean Americans will start getting free broadband internet access? Of course not! It allows companies the freedom to treat us horribly, the true meaning of Right Wing freedom!

Do you use AT&T’s cable internet service? Well they don’t want you using VoIP to make telephone calls over the internet, so they tried to block people’s access to the service to increase their phone business revenues, but a pesky law about “net neutrality” prevents it.

Do you use Comcast and peer-to-peer file sharing? Well, the only reason you can is because net neutrality legislation prevents Comcast from shutting down the bandwidth of those who use such downloading services. Comcast wants to fight piracy on the internet because they are owned by Time Warner, a massive media conglomerate with everything to gain from shutting you out from free media.

John McCain barely knows how to use the computer. Why is this guy even allowed to talk about the internet on the Senate floor?


  1. Net-neutrality? Goodness, where did neutrality even get anyone?

  2. UPDATE: John McCain is statistically the biggest Telco/ISP whore in American politics.


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