Friday, October 23, 2009

Meet the BNP

I have long felt that the Republican Party could never possibly exist outside the US. America has a very unique political climate because of the method of immigration that occurred: we got all of Europe’s nutballs, religious and otherwise. Once they got here, they wasted no time setting up shop and consolidating their power.

Because of this unique scenario, America has the least progressive government in the industrial world. Americans like to pretend Europe intolerantly expelled them, and that Americans came here for “religious freedom.” In reality, the fringe groups who settled in America just wanted more power than the reasonable people of their homelands would allow.

So, the “Pilgrims” came to America to burn witches. Once that was taken care of, they got sick of paying taxes. They started their own country, where taxes would be low and land was as cheap as the cost of the bullets required to drive the Indians off.

The British National Party is a small political party whose primary issue seems to be opposition not only to immigration, but also to the continued stay of those who are not “indigenous.” The party will literally only admit whites.

The BNP got some press recently, not because they have any clout, but because their leader, Nick Griffin, appeared on a BBC program’s panel discussion. Despite having a miniscule representation, the party’s presence on the show created quite a stir.

My question is: would a political party like this get so much bad press in America? I don’t think it would, and in fact it has so far thrived. Try looking at the BNP’s mission statement and finding one thing Republicans could object to… I found it impossible.

Is the BNP nothing but an attempt to harness the attitudes of the very same kinds of people who support the GOP in America? Are there not enough stupid people in Britain to allow the BNP to gain more than 1% of the population?

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