Friday, February 18, 2011

Crumble Away

So much is going on, and I guess I should care. Egypt… meh. Wisconsin… meh. Obama’s budget… meh. It only takes a cursory glance to understand most of these (as much as they can be understood, anyway).

Egypt ousted a stagnant leader who was propped up by the pro-Israel West. I can’t pretend to know what will happen now, but I know it’s none of our fucking business. There’s a lot of talk about this, and I have to wonder… who the fuck are you to say anything? Are you Egyptian? If so, I would love your opinion. If not, move on.

Wisconsin is basically the same thing. Most of us knew that the real political movement (that of vibrant youths) has been a sleeping giant, kept comfortable and appeased with a multitude of high-tech distractions, but once you wake them from their dream of an affordable college education… well, let’s just say that it will be funny as hell watching you old, fat pieces of shits in suits being clubbed by kids in the streets. Can’t wait for that noise.

Obama’s budget couldn’t surprise me less, because the guy has basically been advised to be a “centrist,” which in America translates to: “stick the dick of the rich directly into your mouth.” Yeah, maybe they’ll like you now, Obama. Don’t forget to cup the balls.

Let’s see, what other stereotypical bullshitery is kicking around the old news cycle…

Sarah Palin complaining about something inane and harmless that Michelle Obama said… yawn.

Justin Bieber said some stuff, apparently. Frankly, I just want to die because I mentioned him. Moving on.

Oh, and today is (was, if I don’t get this posted before midnight) the 150th anniversary of the swearing in of Jefferson Davis as the president of the Slave States of America. Southerners will be celebrating the event all weekend, so expect a lot of inbred babies with FAS to be born in 9 months.

Bill Maher talked about this tonight, and I also don’t get it. Why celebrate 1) losing, or 2) slavery. There was literally no other actual cause for secession besides the fear that the newly elected (and hardly even sworn in) president Lincoln would… not end slavery, but slow the spread of it in new states.

So in a way, they didn’t leave to defend slavery, they left to spread slavery. It wasn’t enough for the South to own slaves in the South, they had to own them in the Great Plains and Western states. That was worth sending millions of men to their death, whose only crime was being dumb enough to think fighting and dying for your state’s “honor” was a worthy cause (and that’s giving them the benefit of the doubt).

Look, I have some German ancestry in me. I don’t go donning a brown jumpsuit with a red swastika arm band to commemorate my ancestors. I also have English ancestry, and it was revealed this week that the ancestors of England were cannibals (it’s nice to see their cooking hasn’t gotten any better in thousands of years). I’m not going to eat someone just to relive a cultural tradition. I’ve also got some Italian in me, and I’m not going to go make pasta and red sauce, then have a shouting fight with my wife… I did that yesterday.

My point is this: no one gives a shit where you come from. It means nothing. You could be of royal blood or the discarded orphan of a sailor and a club-footed whore named Co Co (that’s first and last name). None of that means jack squat compared to who you are, how you act, and what you make of the situations you’re given. Now, if you’re a Southerner, you can mope around, taking life at half-speed, get drunk at the bar, and cheer with your friends about how the South is going to rise again.

Or, you could take a look around, realize what a toilet of a place the South really is, and work on improving and modernizing it before you go worrying about taking on a larger, more educated, and wealthier place. America won the revolution because England was distracted at home and was an ocean away; underdogs don’t win in feuds between neighbors.

Bah, if your heart is set on fighting over something stupid, I’m not going to talk you out of it. If you already agree with me, then I’m just preaching to the choir. I guess what I mean to say is… we all seem very intent on big things, while the little things all around us continue to crumble away.

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  1. Very good -- you are one of the few that realize the Southern leaders seceded to SPREAD slavery, and said so.

    Over, and over, and over they said so.

    In the own Five Ultimatums, issued by leaders in Montgomery and reported in newspapers all over the country, North and South.

    The Five Ultimatums were all about the SPREAD of slavery. The RIchmond newspaper headlines announcing the Five Ultimatums read "THE TRUE ISSUE"

    This was exactly the same issue they had from 1800 on. And they said so. No one pretended otherwise at the time.

    This is what they demanded in 1820, or promised war. Then they weren't satisfied with spreading slavery JUST to the South and to Missouri and Texas and so on, by 1850, they wanted to spread slavery up in the UPPER midwest -- Kansas.

    Even that didn't appease them. They held a gun to head of the USA in 1820, then 1850, but then they wanted EVEN MORE.

    That we don't teach this basic truth in our schools is just astonishing.

    But 1861 was different. Before, the Slave Power religious zealot said they were just doing God's will -- (we don't teach that either) and that the white people wanted slavery.

    No -- most white people DID NOT want slavery to spread. And everyone knew it.

    Kansas had just fought a four year bloody war to kick out the thugs sent by slave owners. The people of Kansas just voted 98% to 2% to keep slavery out FOREVER.

    Few places on earth were more anti-slavery than Kansas.

    But that didn't even slow slave power down. Their FIRST ULTIMATUM was that Kansas must accept and respect slavery.

    Further more, the Ultimatums specifically said states can NOT decide any issue about slavery in their own state.

    The Ultimatums were insane, of course. They demanded that the NORTH spread slavery for the amusement of the South. The US Congress and territorial legislatures MUST force slavery into Kansas.

    Preposterous nonsense, of course, Lincoln was not about to do that.

    And it wasn't just the South's 60 year history of violently spreading slavery -- it wasn't just the Five Ultimatums. It was more.

    Toombs screamed to adoring fans "EXPAND OR PERISH" -- he was talking about expanding SLAVERY.

    The governor of Florida declared that just stopping the SPREAD of slavery "was like burning us to death slowly"

    So -- what the South screamed from the rooftops at the time, what the leaders shouted, what the newspapers bragged about, what the Ultimatums demanded, Southern apologist run from like they ran from Sherman.

    The don't DARE deal with the Southern Ultimatums. They don't DARE deal with the constant history of Southern violence to spread slavery. They don't DARE deal with constant bombastic warnings and threats in the newspapers, that slavery must be spread, or there will be war.

    You know the Southern apologist realize their own position is cowardly, deceptive, and wrong. Because if they were sincere about finding out what the era was about, they would read their own leaders Ultimatums.

    They would read their own Declarations, they would read their own speeches.

    The South damns itself far worse than any "historian" can or will. It's not politically correct to tell the brutal truth.

    But it's time to tell the truth. The crazy lunatics in the South are believing their own BS, sniffing their own fumes. The truth matters.


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