Friday, June 17, 2011

Modernity and Fetishes

I sometimes wonder how there are sexual fetishes for things that didn’t even exist a century or two ago. There are people who get off on balloons or being wrapped in latex. The development of plastic surgery and synthetic hormones have opened the door to transexuality. There are even people who get off on cars; I don’t mean they have sex on or in cars (who doesn’t), I mean they have sex with their cars.

What did those people do before cars were invented? Did they have sex with stage coaches, or maybe horses? Is it merely the idea of it being a mode of transportation, or it is about the construction and appearance of cars? Are some cars hotter than others? These are all questions I don’t even want the answers to.

It’s been going on since the beginning of time. The very idea of sexy clothing is completely artificial and unnatural. There are those who are aroused by primitive inventions like fire, or even domesticated animals. It seems that as our technology expands, so do our sexual appetites. Whenever something new comes along, someone somewhere will end up fucking it.

It’s weird, really. Every major modern invention ends up being used sexually. Electricity is used by shock fetishists. I don’t even have to go into detail when it comes to publishing, photography, film or the internet. Even within a few years of texting and social media, we have sexting and political porn tweets.

It makes me wonder, what will we be fucking next? Jet packs? Flying cars? Hover boards from Back to the Future II (by 2015, so they claim)? Teleporters? How about a microwave that cooks food evenly?


  1. I understand this post.
    However, I see where you have made your mistake. You assume porn FOLLOWED these things, when porn was the actual driver of these things.

    Face it. Were it not for our sexual desires forcing us to get more and more advanced, we'd still be living in caves.

  2. I'm cynical enough to accept that, but I don't find it to be the case. The internet wasn't formed as a lose collective of pornography traders, it was a military and then an academic network before going public.

    Chronologically, there just isn't a lot of evidence for the idea that advancements are developed for sex. If anything, the porn industry is always technologically lagging behind; they're just not getting 3D porn, for example.

    On the other hand... maybe the only reason people make these advancements is to get laid.


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