Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Dudes: Peacock


  1. (It's an old site, not updated for over a year, but it was the first google result to come up when I went off looking for other cunt jokes and last post on it was funny.)

  2. You had to do research for more? You didn't just know some? I cunt believe it...

  3. I cunt either! But Bret, cunt you be serious once in a while?

    By the way, to one and all, soon debuting at Skeptical Eye, a blog I share with Super Blogger (aka Bret "Ginx" Alan), a rip off of this comic called "Two Duds". It will be a pale imitation of Bret's genius, so don't expect much. It will have fewer cunt jokes than Two Dudes, but I'm not sure why...

  4. I wonder why I don't have a lot of female readers... hmm...


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