Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Reflection #38

I would love to be a philosopher, but there is no money in it. I would make more money begging than being a philosopher. People give money to beggars because they can relate to someone who is homeless and destitute, since that could happen to any of us, especially the way things are going these days. No one worries that one morning they’ll wake up and be a philosopher.


  1. I think you ARE a philosopher ... anyone who reads your blog would see that :-)

    The money's definitely not outstanding, though ... ;)

  2. And yet... I can't put "philosopher" on a résumé.

  3. Haha, you never know ... that hit me as really funny because I'm teaching 10th Grade English for the first time, and I have to teach resume-writing.

    I'm thinking about totally revolutionizing the writing of resumes ... "philosopher", "coin-collector", "star gazer", "38 DD" ... it could change the world, man ... just saying ;-)

  4. Our young minds are in good hands, and I truly mean that.


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