Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The R Word?

Apparently Rahm Emanuel called political activists who want to run ads against conservative Democrats “fucking retarded” during a closed-door meeting at the White House. None of us would have known, but someone decided to make a big deal out of it… and it’s actually not one of the fucking retards Rahm was talking about.

No, it was a different fucking retard who took offense at the use of what she calls “the R word.” Sarah Palin spoke out against the use of this heinous epithet, which she says is hurtful and a resignation-worthy crime… unless, of course Rush Limbaugh uses the term.

If you think this is a double standard, you would be wrong. You are forgetting one simple fact: just as black people can use the N word, retards can use the R word. Rush is fine. In fact, that gives Rahm a pass as well.

I think the real question is: when did conservatives become whiney bitches?

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