Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Headline Couplets

I usually like to post more than two at a time when I do these, but I could only find two good ones in the last 24 hours, and they were too good to pass up. Each pair is shown in the order in which they appeared:

Nearly 20 percent of U.S. workers underemployed
Wall Street bonuses jumped 17 percent last year

Navy To Lift Ban On Women Serving On Subs
Tests Show Cheney Suffered Mild Heart Attack


  1. Those dang bonuses. Boy, the Democrats who run Big Finance sure know how to be charitable.

    How, really, did this happen? I guess I will have to travel to the Hamptons to ask the DNC greed-heads just how they do it.

  2. And the banks wonder why they lack operating capital...

    Let the banks fail and let the banksters starve. You can gleefully point to Democrats, but I would remind you that Bush signed off on the first round of bailouts. Republicans and Democrats are both just different brand names for the same conservative corporate interests.

  3. Ginx,

    You're right. I have no problem throwing blame Bush's way. I simply recoil from any idea that the Republican Party is the party of greed, filled with the super-rich. The Democratic Party that is the party of greed, filled with the super-rich. Remember, Obama's biggest donors were the brokerage/investment firms and Wall Street banks.

  4. Democrats are the ones making a stink about the bonuses of the wealthy, which I guess combined with the Cheney reference to provide the appearance of my support for Democrats... but I've never voted for a Democrats.

    In fact, I think FDR is the only Democrat in the 20th century I would have voted for. Even then, he wasn't as good as Ike or Teddy. I guess lauding Rockefeller Republicans doesn't distance myself from the association with the wealthy, but I'm not running for office so I don't have to stroke the common man's ego (which for Americans is already inflated to the point of bursting as it is).


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