Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama and Israel

If you want to see Obama really squirm after a tough question, check this out...

I had happened to see this when I sat down to eat lunch the day after the State of the Union. I turned on the TV and began eating. I almost changed the channel, but Obama’s speech was wrapping up and he said he would take questions. He took off his jacket and called on a young woman who apparently had a huge crowd all making noise and pointing to her. This is where the video picks up.

At some point in the middle of asking her question, I literally put my fork down, stood up, and put my hands on my head in disbelief and excitement. I screamed, “Yes!” even though I was home by myself. If my brain had been in that woman’s head, I would have asked a nearly identical question. I am eternally grateful to her for confronting him on this.

Obama stutters and stalls for 25 seconds before seemingly remembering what he’s supposed to say. He launches into a stock answer…

- the region has been in turmoil for “centuries” (false)
- Israel is a strong ally (friends don’t call friends murderers?)
- Israel is a democracy (true, but irrelevant)
- Obama vows to help keep them “secure”

I am glad Obama does finally get around to pointing out that Palestinians are “hopeless,” though I think he reveals how mentally distant he is from the question when he mentions Palestinians should, in fact, be given the opportunity to “find jobs.” Well, we know what Obama prepped himself to talk about…

I’d like to fantasize a moment and write what I want to hear a US president say:

“We condemn Israeli terrorism in all its forms, both wanton acts of violence at the hands of the sanctioned military and by civilian invaders (a.k.a. “settlers”) occupying and expanding upon land that has already been designated as Palestinian (even after Israeli wars of expansion increased the original allotment).

“We will cease all aid to Israel, and impose sanctions that are appropriate for a rogue nation with nuclear and chemical weapons. We will use the billions saved to improve schools, so that tomorrow’s children are not woefully ignorant of the past.

“We will provide asylum to all Israelis, as they will soon find they are not welcome anywhere.”

America has given over $2 billion per year to Israel since the 80’s. AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is one of the most powerful and wealthiest lobby groups in Washington. Taking them all in as citizens will not have any effect on our government; Jewish interests could not possibly be any more over-represented.

This is no coincidence, and any moron who is presented the facts can connect these dots. The Muslim world has figured it out, and it’s one of the main recruiting issues for Muslims who rally against the US. Muslims don’t hate us for our freedoms, they just hate having their freedoms encroached.

The single most important foreign policy decision this country could ever make would be to cease the funding of Israel and all governments that are hostile towards their neighbors, both now and in the future.

Aiding in the atrocities of others (when we aren’t busy committing our own, of course) is a recurring theme throughout this nation’s history. I hope I am not alive to experience what happens when we get a taste of our own medicine [My money is on China or India, but Brazil wouldn't surprise me.]


  1. I'd like to hear a president ... any president... say this: "If you are in bed with terror, you will no longer receive money from us. If you will not help us enforce immigration laws, you will no longer receive money from us. If you continue to stand against the US, then you will no longer receive money from us. If you will not fight with us to defend our land or our people, you will no longer receive help or money from us. If you will not send us money when times are hard over here, then you will no longer receive money from us."

    You get the point.

  2. i think he was talking about jobs for palastinians. The major reason they are so antagonistic towards israel is because they are living in squallor and destititution. I came up with the solution to the israeli/palastinian years ago...give good jobs to arabs, raise their standard of living, problem solved.

  3. Mike: The US "harbors" terrorists. We have terrorists who live inside our borders, and we aren't doing everything we can to get rid of them. We also don't enforce our own immigration laws, laws which are unnecessarily difficult compared to limited policies during the Ellis Island era. However, Israel makes it public policy to act with inordinate violence. Most of the conflicts result in 100 or more dead Palestinians for every dead Israeli.

    Obviously this isn't the only issue I care about, it's merely the foreign policy decision which would have the most immediate positive impact in my estimation (unless you are an individual who benefits from the current injustice).

    AE: I agree that integration is probably the only option, as the land Israel inhabits is as much (if not more so) the ancestral home of the Palestinians as the Israelis. That would require jobs... but I think they'd appreciate it if the tanks didn't roll through their towns arbitrarily blowing up buildings before they worry about paying into a 401k and building a nest egg.

  4. Oh, and it would be nice if a president even did what he claimed he would do.


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