Friday, July 13, 2012

The Return of a Classic

[This, and the next 18 posts, were originally made at Down With Decorum, a bog I set up while I was prevented from posted at ABT due to a now-resolved account problem.]

Long story short… I started on a blog titled “Down With Decorum.” Very early on, I changed the name to “Anything But Theist.” Why? It’s listed higher alphabetically, and in those days, many blog rolls were alphabetical. Now, my old blog account has been locked for some reason, the cell phone I had associated with it was cancelled when I got a new number with a local area code… and it may take a while before I can even access Anything But Theist.

But the thing is… I don’t know if I want to be on that blog. I have no attachment to the title and I feel completely comfortable moving along to the next thing. It would also be nice if my blog didn’t focus solely on the atheist aspect, and I won’t miss having “butt heist” in the URL. I had planned to make a move at some point to a site with a www.*namehere*.com URL anyway. While these are not the circumstances I would have liked to have done it under and I don’t have a real URL ready… I need some creative outlet for the next few days [or if I’m unlucky, weeks] while I won’t be able to access Anything But Theist.

The move may be temporary… or it may be like the job market now, and it will be temp-to-perm. We’ll see.


  1. Will you still cont. the Adventures of Hugh series. It's a very good story, although if there's some kind of metaphor behind it, I'm clearly too stupid to understand it.

  2. There's no metaphor, so don't worry there. And it's definitely going to continue. I'm also so far ahead in it, I think I'm going to have a week of new parts at some point.


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