Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top Ten: Statistics and Calculations I Will [Probably] Never Know

10. What percentage of home pregnancy test users are hoping they aren’t?
9. What is the average IQ of gun owners?
8. How many have died because someone was “just following orders?”
7. How many species of living organisms have there been on Earth?
6. How many people do not believe in God, but act like they do?
5. Where is the nearest other planet with technologically advanced life?
4. How many anti-gay activists are attracted to people of the same gender?
3. How many people who have seen “Cats” actually wanted to see it?
2. What percentage of planets have life?
1. How many times have I masturbated?


  1. The answer to question 7 is almost certainly 1.

    It is definitely true that any organism is the same species as its parent. By transitivity, any organism must then also be the same species as every single previous generation from which it is derived.

    By transitivity, any two organisms with the same parent must also be the same species. Combined with the previous paragraph, this means that all things which descend from a common ancestor must, by transitivity, be the same species.

    Therefore if all life on earth evolved from a single living thing, all life on earth must be a single species.

    (Yes, this is a deliberately faulty argument. But it was fun to write. For a given definition of "fun", anyway.)

    1. That isn't true, just ask any mule.


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