Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top Ten: British Words I’m Glad Americans Don’t Use

10. Knickers
9. Pissed (for being drunk)
8. Bollocks
7. Bung
6. Knob
5. Fanny
4. Bugger
3. Div
2. Snog
1. Zed


  1. I thought Americans did use Fanny (as a word!) - just for a different part? What about Bonk, Twat and Gobshite?

    1. About the only time Americans use "fanny," they shouldn't. A mom might say that, if her child fell on their ass, they fell on their "fanny," but no self-respecting adult would ever use it that way with another. Some fools also wear "fanny packs." Neither should be used, if you ask me.

      I love the word "twat." Truly an underused term in America.


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