Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top Ten: Olympic Events I Made Up

10. The 100m Sleepwalk
9. Synchronized Lawn Mowing
8. The Twirl, Pull and Slap
7. Centatholon (race with 100 different 100m legs, including pogo, crab walking, cartwheeling, unicycling, tricycling, somersaulting, skipping, moonwalking, the downhill scooter slalom…)
6. Crowd Surfing
5. Partners Figure Kayaking
4. Water Polo (with horses)
3. Cross-Country Eating
2. Freestyle Sexing
1. Jet Ski Jousting


  1. Synchronized skate boarding
    Skateboard roller-derby
    Freestyle flip-flopping

  2. Winter events:

    Downhill biathlon
    Figure skating biathlon
    Bobsleigh biathlon
    Figure zamboniing
    100 meter under ice freestyle swim
    Dogsled jumping
    100 meter ice climbing sprint
    Cross-country bobsleighing
    Bobsleigh curling
    Speed snowshoeing
    Uphill snowboarding


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