Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowed In

We got a lot of snow, so I took pictures and realized I had lots of old photos I hadn’t transferred to my computer yet. I figured I’d share them, since some aren’t too bad.

We got 23 inches (over 58 cm) of snow. Not the most I’ve ever seen, having lived in Michigan, but still pretty impressive. Here’s the pics:

There were also pictures on my camera from me and my wife’s trip to Virginia, when we stopped in DC.

First we have some pics of us trying to get my wife, our dog, myself, and the Washington Monument in the background.

We did this all over Europe with great success, though we didn’t have the dog. A guy in a nice pinstripe suit came over and offered to help us take a photo. This is the result:

I also took a shot with my wife and our dog, Barkley, in front of the reflecting pool:

We also saw the Lincoln Memorial:

This is a shot of the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial steps:

And the White House, complete with Christmas tree:

Too bad the new season of Dexter and Californication are over… nothing to do or look forward to on this snowy Sunday, besides waiting for the weather to let up so we can pack and head halfway across the country to my parents’ house.


  1. Nice pictures. We're getting very little rain here in San Francisco. I always loved the snow; I wish it would snow here.

  2. Now's the time to break out those Bible verses. If it keeps snowing, you might need them. Good flick show. Stay warm.

  3. Lucky you, I so want lots of snow now. I work in Glasgow which has 5-10 inches but I'm at home in Wales now which has no snow at all.

  4. You all can have it! Come take it away, please.


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