Saturday, December 26, 2009

Video: Pope Tackle

I hear the Bears have already signed her to a three-year contract.


  1. I'm glad somebody had the balls to do it. (Ironic that it was a woman).

    I think this serves to show that no matter how much you venerate or revere someone, they are still touchable. In fact, this sort of sends a message to the Pope, and all those to place his status as emissary for God, to show that he's nothing more than a man himself.

    What's sad to me though, is there will likely be people who just don't understand why someone would want to attack the Pope! And that's just pitiful, because they don't have enough empathy to feel the deep felt pain and suffering some people have been inflicted with because of this person's corrupt organization at the hands of his over glorified sleazy officials (who officially vilify basic human decency every time they use their "god" given status to 'get away with it').

    How could they not see it coming? With all this pent up rage, the Pope had it coming. Lucky for him is was a dainty and petite framed woman. Heavens forbid it be a 230 lb. ex-con who just got out of the slammer for killing the Priest that raped him repeatedly when he was a child. That would have been a different sort of tackle.

  2. Yeah, my Catholic mother had this shocked look on her face when she saw the news story, and that turned to anger as she growled, "Who would tackle an 80 year old man?!"

    "I would," I thought, though I said nothing because we've had enough awkward silences this Christmas.

    If you watch the video, it's surprising she even got to him because a huge guy in a suit lunged for her immediately after she hopped the railing. Some might say it was a "Christmas miracle."

  3. What were they afraid of? If she was truly faithful and wanted a hug, no harm no foul. And if she was an assasin, the Funny Hat guy gets to meet his maker, who one could assume he loves. I fail to see the problem....


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