Monday, December 28, 2009

Please Grow A Pair

I am sick of living in a society where everyone is so afraid of everything. Democrats are afraid to stand up to Republicans. Republicans are afraid of anyone who looks remotely different. And apparently bloggers are afraid of comments.

What is wrong with you people? Stop requiring approval for your fucking comments! Yes, sometimes someone will post spam. Yes, sometimes people will tell you you're going to hell. WHO CARES?!

Grow a pair of fucking balls/ovaries and realize that if an idea you disagree with is displayed under your post for a few hours or even days before you get around to deleting it, the world will not end. There's nothing so dissatisfying as leaving a comment on someone's blog and then seeing the "Your Comment Can Be Viewed Upon Approval." MOTHER FUCKER!

Better yet, leave offensive comments up forever. Ridicule them, or allow someone with a pair of balls/ovaries to ridicule them for you. Nothing someone says to you can hurt you unless you let them, and in most cases it will not make you look bad to leave up insulting comments. It is more of an indictment of the commenter.

I expect this sort of thing from Christians, but atheist sites who moderate their comments really piss me off. It bogs down the possibility for discussion, and discourages the exchange of ideas. Censorship is one step from religion. Let people say what is on their mind in real-time. Honestly... what is the worst that can happen if you don't moderate your comments?


  1. "Republicans are afraid of anyone who looks remotely different".

    That's funny and in some cases even true.

    I have a bucket of balls and have never censored anyone, but there's always a first? But it is frustrating to write something then see the words "your post will be made visible after owners approval". But it's OK with me. And I don't drop F Bombs either. (not that's there anything wrong with that).

    Later, feeno

  2. I haven't had comments rejected, I just cannot stand the long waits for approval. Even a couple hours is enough time to have a back-and-forth with someone else during the time the blogger hasn't even logged in. Requiring approval just slows down the exchange of ideas.

    I notice it tends to be atheists. The only Christian blogs I notice requiring approval are those run by pastors or ministries. I'm sure it happens on all sides, but I find it irritating in either case (and frankly, atheists ought to know better).

    I don't curse unless I feel I'm being censored, or perhaps in the presence of nuns.

  3. soorry! you're right. no moderating my comments anymore... mistrusting people and what utterances come out of there mouths has grown within me for a long time and from many experiences... but wth, it's just a blog, no face to face communication necessary...

    there u go

  4. '>their< mouths' that is


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