Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Even More Random Thoughts

If you spray bug repellant on an insect, does it just become really unpopular?

There is a very fine line between camping and homelessness.

You ever take acid and get into a debate about whether the soul is a solid, liquid, gas or plasma? Yeah, me neither…

They call common people “the salt of the earth” because if you salt the the earth, nothing good ever grows there again.

Satan follows the trail of money when he comes to claim you. Satan lives in your Sunday best.

New York has so much diversity. You can go out on the street and there will be people of every ethnicity and language telling you to “fuck off.”

Do deaf people ever sign in their sleep?

John McCain’s mom is so old she can remember when horses were domesticated.

Why do Christians bury the dead if they believe hell is underground?

After 2012, be ready for 2060. This is the year Newton predicted for the end of times.

I took Spanish and French in school, but the closest I come to understanding another language is when I read an analog clock, especially if it’s in Roman numerals.

We call what is happening right now “the present” because it is like a gift: you have no control over what it will be, you rarely get what you want, and you usually enjoyed the anticipation more.

Religion was the cradle of philosophy, but how long can one be expected to stay in a cradle?

Every fool sincerely hopes that the problems caused by knowledge can be cured with ignorance, for what choice does he have?

Baracknophobia = the irrational fear that Obama will spin a web of tyranny

Chief Smackaho = Native American rapper

I don’t know why religious people call it “apologetics.” They never apologize for all the shitty things religion has done. If anything, they almost seem to be defending religion… they should call it “unapologetics.”

By Fortuna’s whim, fools advance
Tethered to the wheel of Chance

There are 2900 different species of snakes, and that’s not even counting politicians and bankers.


  1. Random Commenter3/03/2010 4:23 PM

    So anyway some of these are really cool and make you think, but then some of them are just random and strange. Good job on this one Ginx, but this better not become just some crazy blog.

  2. I haven't been in the best shape for writing anything new the last couple days (both busy and ill). These are just random notes I kept over the past couple of months. This is the last one for a while, though some older ones can be found under the Scattered Thoughts series.

  3. Random Commenter3/03/2010 4:40 PM

    Oh, cool. Get better and thanks for the link, man.

  4. I woke up in a pool of sweat last night at 3am. I think the worst is over.


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