Thursday, March 11, 2010

Too Good To Be True

Rush Limbaugh is already dashing my hopes this morning by saying he didn’t actually mean he would leave the country if healthcare reform passed. Rush must have no control over what he actually says… judge from the audio yourself:

Don’t get excited. Rush is already claiming this morning he would only leave for medical care. Hmm… what are the odds a tubby pill-head will have medical problems?

But I have to ask… why Costa Rica? Is it the tropical weather? The beautiful island landscapes unsullied by pollution? Maybe it’s the fact that Costa Rica scored just above the US in the World Health Organization’s ranking of health systems? Or… is it just the last country without socialized medicine which is not in perpetual poverty or civil war?

Rush probably took back his comments when he realized he sounded like a whiney liberal under Bush… or maybe it was the realization that there is no convenient place welcoming of his ideas. Liberals can just hop the border into Canada. Poor Rush has to take a long plane ride. Do you know how hard it is to hide pills in your carry-on these days? I bet Rush couldn’t keister even a day’s worth on the regimen he’s worked himself up to (which explains his grudge against tolerance).

Why not move to Costa Rica? Why don’t all of the conservatives in America just up and leave? Live out your Ayn Rand fantasy of leaving us foolish liberals to fail, wallowing in our ignorance, while the hard-working backbone of society forms a utopia far, far away. The farther, the better.


  1. have you seen Michael Moore's new documentary yet?

  2. I forgot which was his newer one, Sicko or Capitalism: A Love Story. I've seen both.


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