Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Random Thoughts

Barack Hussein Obama anagrams:
Bob’s Marihuana Cakes
Bareback Human Oasis (band name, or gentleman's club)
Anarchism: Bake us a B.O.
Anarchism: use a kabob
Ciao Bush, Smear a Bank
Smack a Ho, Brain Abuse
*A Moan* Bush Era Is Back

Truth is mightier than the gods, for truth persists even when we stop believing.

The system tells us to not blame the system. They want to blame bad apples, even though the problem is the barrel.

Iceburging: the game teenagers play that isn’t ACTUALLY having sex, dubbed “iceburging” because it’s “just the tip.”

Can God create a rock so large not even He can move it? I think so, since I can close a two-liter bottle of soda so tight not even I can open it.

Republicans have some big balls, but Democrats don’t have the balls to point out that they’re so big, it’s unhealthy. Republicans essentially suffer from elephantiasis.

Covetol: the pill to prevent communism

“Quiet Observation” is the first chapter in the Book of Wisdom.

America does not have a democracy, or rule of the majority. Instead, we have rule by the majority of those deluded enough to believe Democrats and Republicans are different, or as I like to call it, an “ignorocracy.”

Let your mind always remain open, so that even if a bad idea enters, it may exit just as easily.

The religious choose to believe a lie that rhymes with the truth.

Might does not make right, Might merely gets his way until he is killed in his sleep.

My mom and I always had a weird relationship, like landlord and tenant. I guess it goes back to when I was living in her womb. I was born via Caesarian section. So of course, I didn’t get my deposit back.

Analogy of the day:
Darwinism : Social Darwinism : : Scientist : Christian Scientist

If all the world’s a stage, where was I during rehearsal?

Things are so much more simple than we wish they were.

Some may wonder how I come up with a new ridiculous Bible quote every single day, but I wonder how people are able to find anything useful or inspirational between all the nonsense.

Patriotism: waving American flags with “Made in China” printed on them.

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