Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Ginx Challenge

There are a fair number of wagers made by atheists regarding the existence of gods, but I would like present my own challenge.

First off, I am a man of modest means. I cannot offer a million dollars or fabulous prizes to entice you. In fact, I have nothing to give… or do I?

Rather than offer material excess (which wouldn’t be an appropriate prize, anyway, given the nature of the challenge) I can offer myself. If you can convince me of the existence of god(s), I will join your religion.

But wait, there’s more. I’m well aware of the fact that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. So, I also am offering my own personal actions for a day to each participant. If you so desire, you can request that I do whatever you want (within reason…) for an entire day.

If you want me to sit in meditation for 14 hours straight, I’ll do it. If you want me to attend some kind of church service (excessive travel expenses paid for by you, of course, as I am still a man of modest means), I’ll do it. Anything short of violating the law, I’ll do it (and maybe I’ll even break a few laws here or there, if I feel I can get away with it… I’m talking to you Rhastafarians).

Also, if you feel there needs to be more prep time, I’m willing to make some concessions. I’m willing to read books that more than a day to finish (I am a very slow reader).

My hope is this: because I am not offering something that I stand to lose, I have no vested interest in trying to “debunk” your religion. I am not presenting this as a challenge to you, it is a challenge for me – the challenge being that as an atheist, I have never “experienced god/spirituality.” This is a personal challenge to see if I am even capable of being religious, and it is an opportunity for believers to share their faith.

This challenge is open to anyone, and I encourage anyone interested to contact me: AnythingButTheist@gmail.com


  1. A simple Italian meal shall surely convince you of FSM's existence, considering the fact that you're eating his children.

  2. "If you so desire, you can request that I do whatever you want (within reason…) for an entire day."

    Does that include giving a certain amount of charity to a specified orginization of the theists choosing? I think I've seen a few televangalists saying all you have to do is give them some money and you will be saved or something like that.

  3. They can have 100% of my monthly income... which won't cost me anything.


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