Friday, November 12, 2010

Successful Anarchy

We don’t need no stinking government. If you want proof, just look at Antarctica. Here’s a country that has never had a government, and look at how impressive the results are:

- never been in a war
- zero debt
- zero poverty
- low crime rate
- low mortality (despite harsh conditions)
- most scientists per capita
- produces the least pollution of any continent

These results are quite daunting. Sure, running water is nice, and so are roads and gas pipelines… but at least there are no churches.

[Fact check: Several nations control most of the continent, and 49 nations have signed a treaty which keeps it free of any military. Also, there are over a half dozen houses of worship set up for use by scientists.]


  1. Not on the list - They have managed to keep the population growth at zero. Quite impressive.

  2. Also, penguins have the freedom to form their own separate anarchistic society. Finally, animal rights in action! Go anarchy!

  3. pz myers does not exist…

    atheists, we’re gonna cut off your heads…


  4. atheists, we’re gonna cut off your heads…

    Translation: atheists (anyone I choose to spam, even if they're a devout Christian who loves Jesus) we're (me, myself and I) gonna (spam) cut off (leave more empty threats at) your heads (your blogs)

  5. the real translation - SPEAK N DIE

  6. the real translation - SPEAK N DIE

    Translation: I have no reply to the real translation above, therefore I'm just gonna spout more incoherent nonsense and make sure I use the word DIE (in all caps) ...Ooooo scary!

  7. Nikk J - see you are going to learn about the REAL WORLD - not your babble...

  8. Bret, nothing is on MTV anymore. It's now like Skeptical Eye without Bret "Ginx" Alan. We miss you, Bret! You should come back, because it's damn dull around there as it is. I'm thinking you could be the loyal opposition, our token statist, whatever. Turn your new blog into a powerful SE series. It's not like there aren't any liberals who read SE and would support you.

    Besides, we're going to have our heads cut off soon, so what have you got to lose?

    Plus, what about that SE post headline, BRET RETURNS! It would be bigger than Jesus coming back.

  9. The SE headline could be: The Empire Strikes Back. Then I can leave again, and when I return a third time, there will be Ewoks.

    I'm a little worried it will make me the Brett Favre of blogging...

    Obviously you can always send me an invite, and you know I wouldn't do something obnoxious like spamming the site with porn or something... well, there won't be too much porn.

  10. RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S ONE T!!!


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