Monday, November 22, 2010

Music Monday: Franz Ferdinand

I used to do top ten lists for music, but my mp3 collection was decimated after I had to reformat my computer. I figured that doesn’t mean music has to disappear from my blog. So, every Monday I’ll spotlight an artist or band I like a lot, and post a few examples of their better work.

Fair warning, I am a sucker for popular singles, so hipsters can save the criticism: I have no indie cred and I don’t want any. It looks sticky, anyway.

My favorite band that still produces new music, Franz Ferdinand is not one musician, it is the name of a Scottish alt-rock band named for the Archduke of Austria whose assassination resulted in World War I. Many people have heard and seen the music videos for “Take Me Out” and “Do You Want To,” and “No You Girls” was prominently featured on an iPod commercial.

I would describe their sound as David Bowie meets Queen in a grunge-themed disco. It’s been called “dance-punk.” While I suppose it wouldn’t sound bad being piped onto a dark club’s dance floor, I think it’s great music to drive to or have in the background while doing just about anything. A fair number of my blog posts are written while listening to them.

So, without further build-up, here’s a few Franz Ferdinand songs:


  1. Hmm, Music Monday? Where have I heard of that before? I thought you believed in intellectual property rights, but it looks like you're just a common hypocritical lying thief!

    Stealing the idea of a Music Monday without paying the originator of the idea (and it wasn't me), why, it's disgraceful! Why will anyone post to blogs if they won't be compensated for their ideas? Don't you realize that if you're allowed to do this sort of thing, it will stifle blog post creativity and innovation?

  2. I'll give them 100% of my ad revenue.

  3. Cool music.

    If you can find the originator of the idea, maybe you can have a link saying so. Problem solved.

    Well, maybe not . . .

    Anyway, cool music, Ginx.


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