Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nontroversy #1

Someone woke up today (probably a Tea Bagger) and decided they had nothing to be pissed off about. They probably logged onto their computer and right there at the Google page, they saw this:

Now, to you or me, this isn’t offensive. But this person has a PhD in self-righteousness and horrible vision from squinting suspiciously at minorities their whole life. So what did the champions of mock-outrage see?

Clearly Google was trying to have an Islamic crescent moon hiding menacingly behind the flag. No, that’s not just some innocuous vestige of the letter “e” from the original banner graphic, it’s an affront to Western Civilization.

According to one carefully thought out source of numbskullery:

The Google doodle is definitely stirring up fears of fanning the flames of anti-Islamic sentiments in America. Was that what Google intended?
Did I mention this person is a contributor on Associated Content, which is owned by Yahoo?

I dunno… it looks more like a Commie sickle to me, or that maybe Old Glory had a throbbing canine boner.

So, for all the semi-blind sufferers of xeno-hysteria who are trying so desperately to make Google’s salute to veterans seem un-American, this is my first officially documented nontroversy.

If you want to see controversy, see what Google fills in when you type “Islam is” in the search bar:

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