Friday, November 19, 2010

Too Offensive? #1

I think this is the perfect series for me, because I think it’s okay to say anything.

So, my first “Too Offensive?”

Would it be too offensive for atheists to print up placards of people being burned at the stake, stoned, or just generally being oppressed by religion? Might as well have some slogan signs too, like, “Death Cult,” or “END CHRI$TIANITY,” or “Your God Took His Mom’s Virginity.”

Too offensive?


  1. You should look up Hell Houses, which are endorsed by tons of churches. Those are far worse than anything listed here. As far as offensiveness goes, religion is definitely winning.

  2. Oh I know about Hell Houses. Grew up in Indiana... half the people I know were in the John Birch Society before I even left for college.

    What I mean is, is it too offensive for liberals to get on board with, or would people lose their nerve before actually doing it?

  3. How could it be more offensive than religious repression? Probably offensive to those who believe the fairy tales. But not offensive to me. If we worry about offensive, then the truth never gets told.

  4. So you guys at least think there's nothing wrong with bringing this to their places of worship...

    I only ask because I find it in poor taste to protest in front of abortion clinics. I think it would be quite amusing, but many people on the atheist side might be turned off by it.

    I suppose none that actually read my blog... but the kind, caring, polite ones.

  5. I know you were trying to be offensive to make a point but I think if you take your idea out of the "deliberately trying to be offensive" context it is simply hypocritical.

    Among the big things that piss me off about your typical Christian is the self-righteous, pushing of their beliefs on others and the intolerance they have for anyone not of their faith or philosophical slant. The above stated idea, with all due respect, is basically no different.

    I guess I'm a big believer in "live and let live" and while it is very aggravating when others cross that line with me, I don't see much value in fighting fire with fire.

    (heh, that kind of got a little cliche-heavy but you get my point)

  6. I know you were trying to be offensive to make a point but I think if you take your idea out of the "deliberately trying to be offensive" context it is simply hypocritical

    This was one of my concerns, as is the issue of Christian protests not being very successful. For example, the Westboro Baptist protests at soldier funerals have not exactly made them more popular, nor has it increased their numbers, though they have made a tidy profit off of lawsuits stemming from attacks they sustained by counter-protesters.

    In a way, I might also be asking... is it too offensive to be effective?

  7. In a way, I might also be asking... is it too offensive to be effective?

    I would say definitely. People aren't going to change their minds about something if you hit them over the head with your idea, not matter how well reasoned it is. You know, the whole "it's not what you say but how you say it" thing. Another complicating factor is that people believe what they want to believe, regardless of the facts.

  8. Well... I wasn't thinking of the church goers. I think most of them are lost causes, although I bet some of the adolescents might be amused by our antics.

    The vast majority of America is non-church going, after all.

  9. I don't see why not as long as we're showing the truth about how bad religion is for society, etc. and not belittling specific individuals (unless they've earned it, see: Fred Phelps, the Pope). The question of whether it's too offensive is irrelevant. Who cares what religiots/apologists think when they already display a willingness to believe anything they're told! If they're offended then that's their problem and they can whine about it all they like, it doesn't mean they're entitled to special treatment it merely demonstrates their perception of themselves as superior than us and deserve to have their stupidity elevated. It's one of the reasons why the idea that believing in God makes you humble is as about accurate as the universe having been born out of a festering bowl of rancid dog snot.

  10. “Your God Took His Mom’s Virginity.”

    That gave me a good laugh, thanks.

    As for the posters, I personally wouldn't own/carry any sort of placard or visual announcement that I thought would offend others. I'm not out to fight that fight. I can't speak for any other atheist liberals.

  11. I'm not out to fight that fight.

    I think most atheists aren't, otherwise this idea would have been done. I'm curious what about being atheist turns people off from actually doing stuff like this... I wonder if it's because religious people already do it.


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