Monday, June 29, 2009

From The Outside

I lived in a town,
Not that long ago,
That surrounded itself with a wall.
They all walked around
And held up their nose
As they listlessly walked through the mall.
Of people outside,
Quite little was said;
The thrill was too much for them all.
Yet one day I tried
To just go ahead
And escape, even though I was small.
The going was rough
As I climbed to the top.
The bulwark was perilously tall.
The height was enough
That if I should drop
I surely would die from the fall.

I climbed to the ground
And that’s when I found
This freedom, a feeling of bliss.
Euphoric repose,
Insiders should know:
If you’re looking for something, it’s this.
And though I may praise
These uncivil ways
There’s something I must reassert:
There are fewer rules,
Yet only the fools
Act as though they can never be hurt.
Sometimes it is hard;
You will end up scarred,
But feelings of angst will subside.
For soon you will see,
And you can’t disagree,
That few try to go back inside.

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