Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have a lot to write about, but I have been a little ill. I'm uninsured, so my insurance plan is Dr. Pepper and Nyquil. Although being sick actually increased my time to write, it is now hindering me because my flu has been supplemented with a nice case of pink-eye, which is keeping me from focusing on the screen for long.

I have primarily been thinking about how to address the two polls I took most recently (which I have moved to the top right). The results don't surprise me much, but maybe someone sees my point and wants to leave a comment on what they think. Do citizens think they have better judgement than our courts? Is it because in a moment of panic, we have more understanding for injustice? Clearly we don't think the punishment for B&E should be death (since we don't live in the nation of our good allies, the Saudis), but why do so many people (and some states, like Florida) condone a shoot-first mentality?

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