Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holocaust Museum Shooting

I was all set to have a bunch of Jew-critical stuff to say today, then I heard about this.

First off, white supremacy is the dumbest idea I've ever heard. Most of the people I know are white, and I know this: we aren't the best race. If we are, the human race has a lot of problems.

Second, Jewish people are white. Which brings me to my third point.

He was not a "white supremacist." Very few people, if anyone, self-identify as that. "White supremacist" is a title like "infidel" or "heathen" that is flung around as a misinformative exonym (a name used by outsiders to refer to a group, but not the name used by the group to describe itself). Most "white supremacists" are Neo-Nazis. This is not Godwin's Law, this is just the way it is.

So this Neo-Nazi rolls up to the Holocaust museum with a gun. He shoots a security guard, then is taken down by other guards. Early reports (as this is being written as it is still going on) show no other injuries.

Here's why white people are inferior. Look at the numbers: he shot one other person, and a security guard at that. They don't even count, honestly. You have to kill innocent bystanders for it to count, and double points for women and children. By this scoring system, white people score horribly. Not only did this guy barely break even in his shot/hit ratio, no white person can touch Seung-Hui Cho's high score of 32 kills, 17 wounded before turning the gun on himself (so technically, he should get the kill). Anyone who's played online shooting games can attest: Asian people can twitch, what can I say?

Now that I got the "sad" stuff out of the way, I'll just briefly mention the Jewish hilarity I read this morning. Apparently, a woman bought her mother a new mattress, replaced it, and threw out the old one. Turns out the mom was stashing a million dollars in cash within the mattress, which was taken by the garbage men before it could be retrieved. It's funny, cause she's Jewish and she stashes money in her mattress.
Now that's some anti-semitism we can all laugh at, why do Neo-Nazis have to ruin the fun? Give it up, YOU LOST! Neo-Nazis and southerners who can't get over the Civil War should start a support group for failed ideologies. Make room, Republicans will need it soon enough.


  1. Jewish people aren't white. Ask your local white supremacist to explain why. And Jews come in all colors and flavors. Try the mesquite-barbecue! jk re: bbq

  2. Oh, I'm fully aware of why white supremacists don't consider Jews to be white. Some people don't consider Irish, Scottish, Sicilian, Italian, Spanish, Catholic, or who knows what to be "white." I bet most are also homophobic and chauvinistic.

    They have a full house in the poker game of hate.


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